10 reasons to linger in Adelaide

There are so many reasons to love Adelaide, but the city is often overlooked. Here are 10 ways to buck the trend and savour this Australian gem

Team Wanderlust
08 November 2015
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1. Discover the city’s art scene

2. Try global street food

3. Visit the National Wine Centre of Australia

As Australia’s wine capital, it’s only natural that Adelaide would be home to the National Wine Centre of Australia. The centre’s excellent ‘Wined Bar’ is like nowhere else in the world: it boasts 120 varieties from across the country (including super premium wines) in its tasting room, and staff are on-hand to  help you find your perfect tipple. There is also an on-site vineyard which cultivates a range of grapes – from Chardonnay to Pinot Noir and Shiraz.

The National Wine Centre runs a number of different tours and tastings – for beginners up to aficionados – which will give you an informative (and delicious) insight into wine production Down Under.

4. Hit the beach

5. Soak up the annual festival program

6. Hop between pop-up bars

7. Seek out some street art

8. Dive into the city’s museums

9. Sample locally-sourced food

10. Meander through parks and gardens

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