5 unmissable experiences in Queensland with First Class Holidays

Discover these unique travel experiences in Queensland on a tailor-made journey with First Class Holidays

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06 February 2024

Queensland is a world-class natural playground, an astonishingly diverse destination where waves lap onto white beaches, mountains cluster under sunny skies and wildlife roams through ancient rainforests. And not only does it play home to five World Heritage-listed sites – including travel icons such as K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) and the mighty Great Barrier Reef – it also boasts a cultural legacy stretching back tens of thousands of years.

With a destination this varied, it’s all about having your holiday, your way – which is where the expertise of First Class Holidays comes in. Here are five unbeatable experiences that every Queensland traveller should consider.

1. Sleep on the Reef

Heart Reef, The Whitsundays (First Class Holidays)

The Great Barrier Reef is like nowhere else on Earth, in terms of both its super-sized scale and its sensational setting. A particularly heavenly slice of the Great Barrier Reef is the Whitsundays – a belt of idyllic islands at its heart. The even better news is that travellers with First Class Holidays can witness its scenery first-hand on a sailing departure with Cruise Whitsundays.

You’ll take your pick from a range of glorious cruises that showcase the very best of the islands, including a visit to the mind-blowing expanse of Whitehaven Beach. But that’s not all. As well as soaking up the seascapes from the deck of a boat, you’ll also get the chance to stay in a private, all-inclusive Reefsuite: luxury underwater accommodation with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into the Reef.

2. Learn about ancient Aboriginal culture

Daintree Rainforest (Shutterstock)

With a history that dates back more than 50,000 years, Queensland’s Traditional Owners and custodians still hold the deepest of connections to both land and coast, which in turn gives travellers the chance to learn more about a heritage that continues to echo through the ages.

First Class Holidays works closely with First Nations tourism champions Adventure North, giving you the opportunity to join a traditional fishing tour and discover the eons-old culture of the Kuku Yalanji people of Tropical North Queensland. By visiting the gathering grounds of Cooya Beach and the clear waters of Mossman Gorge, as well as wandering the Daintree Rainforest in the company of an Aboriginal guide, you’ll be introduced to a profoundly different Australia.

3. Have a beach breakfast with wallabies

Start your day having breakfast with wallabies in Cape Hillsborough (First Class Holidays)

Australia can lay claim to some of the world’s most incredible endemic fauna, from koalas and cassowaries to wombats and wallabies. And it’s the latter – those bounding, bright-eyed marsupials so beloved of photographers – that take a starring role on this one-of-a-kind breakfast experience in the spectacular Mackay Region. The early hours are always a special time on the Queensland coast, with a warm orange sun rising above the ocean, but they become even more special when you factor in the wildlife.

On this beach sunrise trip, in the stunning surrounds of Cape Hillsborough, you’ll watch wallabies and kangaroos hopping and foraging across the early-morning sands. The iconic creatures come in search of mangrove seed pods that have been washed ashore, a natural buffet that keeps them coming back dawn after dawn. And once your tour’s done? You’ll be treated to a tasty breakfast of your own, with a fine view over the Coral Sea.

4. Admire underwater coral art

Marvel at Queensland’s underwater works of art (Joan Li)

Who says art galleries need four walls? Queensland has all manner of beautifully curated spaces full of priceless sculptures and paintings – but arguably its most memorable gallery lies under the waves. The Museum of Underwater Art, situated on a stretch of the Great Barrier Reef off the Townsville coast, holds dozens of subaquatic art installations, giving divers and snorkellers the prospect of a truly unique cultural experience.

This is no small-scale attraction. One of the installations – the Coral Greenhouse – is named in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest underwater art structure on Earth, while another – the Ocean Sentinels – is made up of huge underwater sculptures of renowned marine scientists. The museum opened in 2020 and has a strong underlying message of conservation. As time goes by, the installations are being colonised by coral, fish and other sea life – which only serves to make the whole thing even more immersive.

5. Experience “The Great Beach Drive”

Road trip between ocean and subtropics (First Class Holidays)

Not all road trips are created equal. Queensland is packed with scenic journeys by vehicle, but the Great Beach Drive goes to another level – by largely steering clear of sealed roads altogether. With First Class Holidays handling the logistics, leaving you to simply turn the ignition and enjoy, you’ll drive a 4WD vehicle along the sandy beach highway between Noosa and Rainbow Beach.

It’s one of the most unique day-drives you’ll ever encounter, with the wilds of the ocean on one side and the verdant scenery of the subtropics on the other. As if this weren’t enough, the start and end points of the itinerary – laid-back Noosa with its upscale boutiques and accommodation, and Rainbow Beach with its multi-hued cliffs and sands – are both one-of-a-kind destinations in their own right. From July to October, you can witness the majestic sight of humpback whales migrating from the Antarctic’s cooler climate to Southern Queensland’s milder waters. While experiencing “The Great Beach Drive”, you’ll pass lighthouses, seaside villages and rolling dunes, all adding up to a coastal drive you’ll never forget.

Feeling inspired to explore Queensland?

Explore Queensland your way with First Class Holidays, whether you’re looking for a self-drive trip, a rail-focused holiday, an escorted tour, a visit with the family or exploring as a duo.

To plan your personalised holiday to Queensland, call First Class Holidays today on 0161 888 5632 or contact enquiries@fcholidays.com; or visit your local travel agent to start planning your dream holiday to Australia’s Sunshine State.

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