8 unmissables in Western Indonesia

Track down the ‘man of the forest’, discover three-metre long komodo dragons and marvel at natural wonders in our unmissable guide to Western Indonesia

Team Wanderlust
25 November 2010

1. Orang-utan

Find the ‘man of the forest’ in the jungle near Bukit Lawang, also home to tigers, rhino, eles and more.

2. Lake Toba

The world’s largest crater lake, set amid magnificent highlands and the villages of the Batak people.

3. Yogyakarta

A refined city of museums, galleries and palaces; a good base for Borobudur and Prambanan.

4. Mt Bromo

Nothing prepares you for the volcanic marvel of Bromo – itself just one crater amid a cluster of cones.

5. Bali

Artistic, graceful, spiritual (and that’s just the people), it’s no wonder Bali’s the nation’s most-visited island.

6. Gili Islands

This trio of idyllic specks off Lombok’s coast offers tropical living and reef diving par excellence.

7. Komodo dragons

Found on five islands off Flores (and nowhere else) these dinosaur-esque reptiles grow up to 3m.

8. Kelimutu

These three crater lakes – each a different, changing hue – sit atop a volcano on Flores.

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