From fiery fall foliage to art fairs and harvest festivals, autumn opens up a wealth of experiences across the USA and Canada. Here are the best places to visit

“O hushed October morning mild, thy leaves have ripened to the fall,” wrote Robert Frost in his ode to the American autumn, beguiled by the changing of the leaves, the ripening of the grapes and the almost imperceptible slow-down in the natural world after the frenzied heat of summer had passed. It’s no wonder he was so enchanted by this annual changing of the guard. As the weather cools and the leaves begin to turn, the USA and Canada transform into vibrant kaleidoscopes of colour.

Nature is prompted to put on its most splendid shows, from the wildly beautiful northern lights to the wildlife readying itself for winter; and with fewer crowds to spoil the view, it’s often a better time to explore the coasts, countryside and cities across the continent. Add to that a host of arts festivals, events and attractions that fill the calendar from September to November, and it’s hard to imagine why you would want to travel at any other time.

To track down the best autumnal experiences, we’ve canvassed local experts across the USA and Canada to find out what they love about this time of year.

The best places to visit in North America this autumn for...

Nature & weather

Festivals & events

A quieter time