Billy Connolly on Route 66

Billy Connolly was in London to promote his new series on Route 66. Wanderlust was invited along for the ride

Peter Moore
15 September 2011

Wanderlust was invited along for a sneak preview of Billy Connolly’s new TV series in which he travels along America’s iconic Route 66.

Billy makes the 2,488 mile journey from Chicago, via the Grand Canyon and deserts of New Mexico, the Wild West of Oklahoma and Texas and on to Santa Monica, California on his trike. He meets a host of eccentric characters along the way.

After the screening Billy took questions from the assembled media, including Wanderlust’s Associate Website Editor, Peter Moore.

>> You can listen to the unabridged and uncensored version of the press conference by clicking HERE. (38mb) Be warned: As you’d expect, there is some strong language. <<

You’ll find an abridged version of the press conference, sans the thick Glaswegian accent, below.

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