Catch up on our Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel event

Catch up on the full recording and all the highlights from our Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel virtual reader event…

Team Wanderlust
01 November 2021

We couldn’t think of many places we’d rather be transported on a cold, November evening than the Sunshine State, which is exactly where we were taken on Tuesday 16 November during our Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel virtual reader event. If you missed the event or had to leave early, then you can catch up on all of the highlights, questions and a full recording here…

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Your questions answered

What would you suggest as the ideal itinerary for someone visiting Fort Myers for the first time?
I would recommend first time visitors look at the Nature and Fun on The Beaches holiday idea – staying in the area for a week really allows you the time to experience all of the water and land-based attractions and activities, plus have time to relax and soak up some of the Florida sunshine. It’s a destination that has so much to offer for all ages and interests. There is something for everyone, and America As You Like It can tailor-make the holiday to include other parts of Florida (or the USA) if people want to do longer trip or a multi-centre.

What’s its like out of season?
Summertime is low season. It can get quite hot but there is plenty to do and the heat of the day is a great time to see the museums.

When is the optimum time to visit for the wildlife?
Whatever time you visit you are going to see something interesting. In the summertime, you can see kites and a variety of migratory birds. November through to May is a great time to visit to see nesting birds and to see alligators lazing out in the sun.

When and where is it possible to see turtle hatchlings?
The turtles nest on the various beaches in the destination. As with all nature, the sightings are never planned. The turtle nesting season is 1 May – 31 October when they come ashore to lay eggs.

What is the minimum amount of time I would need in Fort Myers & Sanibel?
The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel is a place that instantly makes you relax and unwind, so if you want to take it all in, you will need at least a week.

Can you stay on the islands?
Some of them have accommodation and at Cayo Costa you can even enjoy camping on the island. Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel and Captiva all offer lots of accommodation options. Don’t miss the cottages if you want to stay in tiny villages on the island.

Can you hire a boat?
Yes! There are so many boats for hire around the destination. You can see a listing here. To get around the islands you can get charter boats, rent boats and you can also walk across the bridges that link some of the islands. For day options and half-day options it’s best to book with a company such as Captiva Cruises.

Does America As You Like It do group tours or is it only tailor-made?
We do have access to some small group tours. We work with local suppliers in the US that do group tours and we also put fly-drives together.

What can I expect from a wildlife tour with Pete?
On the full day safari you would go on airboat ride, embark on a nature walk and you will also go on a wildlife drive into Big Cypress National Preserve. As well as this, you can enjoy a mangrove boat tour.

Do the boat trips operate all year round?
All of Captiva Cruises take place in the Pine Island Sound which is a very protected body of water. It’s very shallow and its protected by land. Its small size means waves don’t have a chance to build up, so at Captiva Cruises, it is very rare for trips to be cancelled due to high seas or bad weather. There are also a variety of cruises so people who are nervous can choose a shorter option.

What do our experts recommend?

Captain Bob: See a dolphin in its natural environment.

Pete: Go camping at Cayo Costa and on a clear night the view of the Milky Way is unbelievable. And also, the Six Mile Cypress Slough is a beautiful boardwalk and If you’re lucky you’ll see otters and alligators as well as a good variety of birds.

Cath: Go kayaking at JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Getting out on the water and seeing an alligator is amazing. Finish the day toasting the sunset with a cocktail and seeing the green flash as the sun dips into the sea.

Miriam: Get a good ice-cream cone at Love Boat Ice Cream! Then walk across the Sanibel Causeway bridges.

What did you have to say?

Fantastic presentation! Thank you!

THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH! BRILLIANT. I want to jump on a plane tomorrow, swim with a manatee again and do it all on a longer stay this time.

You guys did a stellar job, thank you again.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful evening.

Thank you for an interesting presentation.

Thanks so very much. Great presentations.

Thank you. Most enjoyable.

A look inside the event

Miriam gave us a great overview of the highlights

Pete shared his incredible wildlife knowledge with us

Captain Bob told us all about the island-hopping opportunities

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