Above the clouds: 8 great ways to relax in the little-known Austrian Tirol

We all know how hectic and stressful modern life can be. Help is at hand in the scenic wonderland of the Austrian Tirol, where stresses seem to disappear among the clouds…

Robin McKelvie
25 March 2019

We all know how hectic and stressful modern life can be, but the scenic natural wonderland of the Austrian Tirol holds an answer. Here, the hills are very much alive with ways to recharge your batteries, from yoga retreats and health spas, to swimming in mountain lakes and that hot new therapy: forest bathing. It’s all here, waiting to take your troubles away. And breathe…

1: Soak in a spa

Soaking in the Aqua Dome in Ötztal (Ötztal Tourismus/ Christoph Schoech)

What could be more recharging than chilling out in a mountain spa? They come in all shapes and sizes in the Austrian Tirol, whether you are just looking for a mountain hut with its own cosy sauna to steam away in, or want to really go for it a spa retreat or wellness centre that offers a range of health and beauty treatments. The locals know how to take care of themselves in this part of the world, so join them in enjoying some serious spa time.

2: Floating in the flowers

Alpine meadows in the Tirol (Dreamstime)

Drifting through an Alpine meadow alive with wildflowers or gently strolling up a hillside dappled with brightly coloured petals: two sublime experiences in the Tirol. Wildflowers in this part of the world are not just for spring. Indeed, many only really come into their own during summer. Swat up beforehand on the myriad species or hire a guide to add real depth to your flora appreciation.  

3: Urban architecture in the mountains

The Bergisel ski jump in Innsbruck (Christof Lackner)

Not everyone feels recharged by nature in the same way, which is where the built environment in the Tirol comes into play. If you have an eye for design, you will find solace and inspiration in the Tirol in Austria. We are talking pleasing old-world architecture in traditional villages and towns, through to modern architecture in the city. Even in the mountains there are unique ski slopes and cable car designs, which vary from the more traditional to the cutting edge, crafted by famous names in the world of architecture.

4: Savour a dip in a mountain lake

Lake Berglsteinersee Breitenbach (Alpbachtal Seenland Tourismus)

Mountain lakes are the very epitome of tempting on a hot summer’s day. The Alps in the Austrian Tirol are sprinkled with gorgeous lakes of all shapes and sizes, which shimmer in the summer sun. Many are suitable for swimming with a refreshing dip an ideal way to really recharge and reboot the system. You will find lakes tempting up in the mountains, as well as on the edge of towns and cities in a region where the locals love a swim too. Join them!

5: Forest bathing

Relaxing in the trees in St. Anton am Arlberg (Christoph Schoech)

One of the newest health crazes to sweep the world (the trend originated in Japan), forest bathing could not be simpler: there isn’t even any ‘bathing’ involved. All you have to do is drift into a forest and let it work its natural magic on your mind, body and soul. It’s a skill that you can take home with you and practice going forward when you need to recharge. The Austrian Tirol is home to six enormous nature parks (the largest covering 600 square kilometres) so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding solace among the trees. 

6: Feed your soul

Dinner at Kristallhutte mountain hut (Kristalhutte)

The food in the Austrian Tirol is itself life-affirming. It is also incredibly varied. They do that hearty mountain fare the Tirol is famous for, best served in a cosy mountain hut. We are talking delicious cheese dumplings (Kaspressknödel) or temptingly sweet sliced pancakes (Kaiserschmarrn), with wildflower soup at the healthier end of the traditional scale. We are also talking fresh trout from the lakes and rivers, or wild game hunted by the owner, which is served in those huts, but also everywhere from buzzy cafes through to Michelin star restaurants. If you love quality food, drink and produce you have definitely come to the right part of Europe. One of the best places to grab a bite is at the many huts that you can find up in the mountains.

7: Yoga in the Tirol

Mountain yoga festival (St Anton am Arlberg)

This ancient art may not be something that you associate with the Alps, but it is very popular in the Austrian Tirol. Said to help keep you youthful, the stretching exercises and breathing can be practiced on your own, or you can join up with a class or even go on a yoga retreat. Don’t worry if you are not at the experienced yogi level quite yet as the Tirol in Austria is a great place to learn. Engaging in yoga here with all the clean mountain air swirling around really adds an extra dimension to the experience.

8: Take in the view

The beautiful view (Österreich Werbung/ Homberger)

This one sounds simple. It’s the thing that makes every moment in Tirol seem special no matter what you do. If you want to really recharge, just let go and be, then lose yourself in the views. There is no such thing as a bad view here. All around burst spine-tingling Alpine peaks, postcard pretty valleys and fairytale meadows, dotted with lakes and rivers. The imprint of man here is appealing too, with wooden mountain huts and traditional farmhouses enhancing the views rather than detracting from them. You’ve worked hard for your holiday – now just let the Tirol in Austria relax and recharge you.

Hiking in St. Anton am Arlberg (Wolfgang Ehn)



To discover more ways to recharge in the Austrian Tirol, visit tyrol.com.

Hiking between mountain huts (Oesterreich Werbung/ Peter Burgstaller)

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