Secret Greece: 10 hidden surprises from content creators

We’ve been in touch with some of our favourite travel content creators, asking for their top Greek secrets. Here’s what they revealed…

Team Wanderlust
23 August 2022
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Undiscovered Greece

1. Secret Seitan Limania, Crete

Seek out this seculded swimming pool (Shutterstock/Georgios Tsichlis)

2. Secret Milos

Swimming in the sea surrounding Milos (Shutterstock/Georgios Tsichlis)

Nick and Hannah, AKA Salt in our Hair | Instagram: saltinourhair

3. Secret Stegna

Feast on fresh seafood (Shutterstock/Georgios Tsichlis)

Chloe Gunning, AKA Wanderlust Chloe | Instagram: wanderlustchloe

4. Secret Peloponnese

The view from the top of Mt Taygetos (Sotiris Photography)

Sophie Davis, AKA Sophie’s Suitcase | Instagram: sophiesuitcasetravel

5. Secret Paros

Grape harvest in Greece (Shutterstock/ Petros Papapetropoulos)

Emily Luxton, founder of Emily Luxton Travels blog | Instagram: em_luxton

6. Secret Kefalonia

See turtles in Kefalonia (Shutterstock/Mike Maniatis)

Neel Wanders, AKA Flunking Monkey | Instagram: flunkingmonkey

7. Secret Chios

The windmills of Chios (Shutterstock/Papanikolakis Photography)

Sian Lewis, AKA The Girl Outdoors | Instagram: sianannalewis

8. Secret Andros

The town of Chora, Andros island (Shutterstock/Lemonakis Antonis)

Macca Sherifi, founder of An Adventurous Road blog | Instagram: anadventurousworld

9. Secret Volos

Spot dolphins in the sea (Shutterstock/Babis Beslemes)

Karen and Paul, AKA Global Help Swap | Instagram: globalhelpswap

10. Secret Kastellorizo

Discover the Blue Cave (Shutterstock/Milton Louiz)

Jason and Sekai, AKA Jump into the Map | Instagram: jumpintothemap

What secrets will you uncover in Greece?

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