Secret Greece: 10 hidden surprises from Greek locals

Greece is a country with so many undiscovered gems, which is why we asked the locals to reveal their top lesser-known spots. Here’s what they said…

Team Wanderlust
01 July 2022
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Undiscovered Greece

1. Secret Kefalonia

Melissani lake (Shuttersock/Georgios Tsichlis)

Marina Vergo, Public Relations & Tourism Department Municipality of Argostoli Kefalonia

2. Secret Rhodes

Discover secret beaches in Rhodes (Shutterstock/Maria Svetlychnaja)

Marianna Parasidou, social media manager at Mitsis Hotels

3. Secret Thrace

The Old Town of Xanthi (Shutterstock/Georgios Tsichlis)

Natasa Michailidou, tour guide and archaeologist

4. Secret celebrations

A Paniyiri celebration (Shutterstock/Ververidis Vasilis)

Stefanos Addimando, photographer

5. Secret Samos

Wild fennel (Shutterstock/Konstantinos Livadas)

Kellie Longhawn, local representative for Sunvil

6. Secret Halki

Halki is one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese (Shutterstock/Evangelos Anagnostou)

Punta Gabruseva, general manager at Manos Going

7. Secret Lesvos

See fossilised trees at the Natural History Museum of Lesvos (Shutterstock/Copula)

Amalia Livera, local partner at Sunvil

8. Secret Macedonia

Lake Kerkini (Shutterstock/Heracles Kritikos)

Miltiadis Nikolaou, Head of Directorate of Tourism for Central Macedonia

9. Secret Ammouliani

Ammouliani island (Shutterstock/Heracles Kritikos)

Tania Akritidou, Marketing Manager at Halkidiki Tourism Organisation

10. Secret Pella

Miltiadis Nikolaou, head of Directorate of Tourism for Central Macedonia

What secrets will you uncover in Greece?

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