Secret Greece: 10 hidden surprises from travel industry experts

We’ve reached out to those that work in the travel industry and know Greece the best. Here is where they say you should go to avoid the crowds…

Team Wanderlust
15 August 2022
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Undiscovered Greece

1. Secret Halki

Halki (Shutterstock/Philippos Philippou)

Triantafyllos Psaras, Nissia Holidays

2. Secret Santorini

Kamari’s open air cinema (Shutterstock)

Alexandra Cronin – Content and social media lead at Flight Centre UK

3. Secret Epidaurus

Epidaurus (Shutterstock/Georgios Tsichlis)

Jack Organ, Destination Manager for Greece at Trailfinders

4. Secret Loutro, Crete

Loutro (Shutterstock/Georgios Tsichlis)

Iris Zafeiria Folia, Head of Supply at Eliza was here

5. Secret Corfu

Lagoon of Antiniotis (Shutterstock/Ernestos Vitouladitis)

Dudley der Parthog, Director at Sunvil

6. Secret Saria Island

Secret Palatia Beach (Shutterstock)

Hattie Seal, Co-founder at Travelling Whale

7. Secret Corfu

Hiking in Corfu (Shutterstock/Melidis A)

Wendy Missenden, marketing manager at Olympic Holidays

8. Secret Evia

Evia Island (Shutterstock/Constantinos Iliopoulos)

Tom Wilkinson, Senior Project Manager for Europe at Exodus

9. Secret Trikeri

The tiny island of Trikeri (Shutterstock/Georgios Tsichlis)

Thekla Kammenou, Sunvil local partner

10. Secret Symi

Wendy Missenden, marketing manager at Olympic Holidays

What secrets will you uncover in Greece?

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