How to eat the A-Z of world food in London

Alastair Humphreys on his quest to eat his way through the world food alphabet – without leaving London

Peter Moore
07 March 2013

Tell us a bit about A-Z: London’s World of Food

The aim is to eat in a restaurant in London from a country beginning with each letter of the alphabet. We are trying to explore all areas of London and all regions of the world while staying inside the M25. We invite people to join us on Twitter so we also get to meet new people too.

Is it just you or are other people involved?

It’s me and a friend, Tom Kevill-Davies (aka The Hungry Cyclist).

What’s the philosophy behind it? Are you just trying to eat lots of great, exotic food?

It’s about more than the food. It’s trying to get real travel experiences (meeting new people, trying new things, surprising yourself) without actually travelling. It’s showcasing the positive side of Britain’s immigrants – the vibrancy, the entrepreneurship. It’s about exploring my own city.

How often do you ‘eat’ a letter?

Infrequently. It’s a gentle, ongoing project that happens when Tom and I are not away on trips. We’ve been going for two years so far.

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