A guide to Luxembourg’s Wine Country

Luxembourg has some great wineries and vineyards to tour as well as delicious wines to taste. Here’s our guide to the best way to travel Luxembourg’s Wine Country…

Helen Moat
27 August 2020
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The Moselle meanders through the Grand Duchy for 42 glorious kilometres from Schengen to Wasserbillig. With its gentle climate, superb wineries, waterside settlements and sloping vineyards topped with woodlands, it’s an unmissable destination. Sit on a riverside restaurant terrace with your face to the sun and sip on a glass of crisp, aromatic Moselle wine. Here’s some of the best wine and vineyard experiences to be had in Luxembourg…

Luxembourg produces a huge array of fine wines (Uwe Tolle / LFT)

Which of Luxembourg’s wines should I try? 

Luxembourg is home to many tasty wines (Pulsa Pictures / LFT)

Luxembourg’s Moselle Valley has a reputation for world-class wines, its fertile soil producing nine outstanding varieties, including eight exquisite whites. Here’s just six that you should definitely try. Prost!


Vineyards around the Moselle River (Sabino Parente/ LFT)


Dating back to Roman times, this crisp and refreshing wine is perfect with a Thai green curry.


One of Luxembourg’s most popular wines, enjoy a fruity Rivaner with a summer picnic.


Favoured by connoisseurs, this citrus-flavoured wine is delicious with cheese fondue.


Accompanied with smoked fish, the king of Moselle wines is a marriage made in heaven.

Pinot blanc 

This apple-flavoured wine is perfect with summer salads and light meals.


Start the day with the Grand Duchy’s favourite sparkling wine along with the best of local ingredients: Luxembourg fruits, nutty rolls, cheeses and cold meats.

Visit the Caves St Martin in Remich (Jonathan Godin / LFT)

Where are the best places in Luxembourg to try the wines? 

Enjoy walks along the beautiful Moselle River ( Pulsa Pictures / LFT)

The Moselle Valley is lined with vineyards, wineries, quality restaurants and wine bars. Visit one of the hillside vineyards, lose yourself in the machinery and barrels of dark wine cellars and find out how winemakers produce top-grade varieties from harvesting to bottling. Savour the products or enjoy an exquisite meal perfectly paired with a Moselle wine. Here’s just five our our favourite places to sample a glass or two (or three!)…

Walk between the vineyards on a winery walk (Sabino Parente/ LFT)

Caves Bernard Massard

This family owned business is the main producer of traditional sparkling wines in Luxembourg. Join a guided tour and sample the wines on the terrace.

Domaines Vinsmoselle Caves de Grevenmacher

The oldest co-operative winery in Luxembourg offers a fine selection of quality wines.

Domaines Vinsmoselle Caves de Wormeldange

Backed by vineyards and overlooking the Moselle, the imposing Art Deco building with its two cellars is the birthplace of Luxembourg’s highly prized Crémant.

Caves St Martin, Remich

Overlooking the Moselle and backed by cliffs, take a tour and enjoy lunch on the garden terrace.

Pavillon Desom

For exquisite food and fine wines, head for this wine bar and bistro in Remich.

5 of the best wine trails 

Lace up your boots and step into an idyllic landscape of woodlands, vineyards and wineries.  Find out about the history, wine culture and nature of the Moselle Valley from the discovery boards or simply amble along one of the wine trails through magnificent nature.

The Crémant Circular Walk
Zig-zag through vineyards, pausing to sample one of the Grand Duchy’s favourite tipples – the sparkling Crémant. An easy five-kilometre walk.

Nature & Wine Discovery Walk, Grevenmacher
Hike 2,000-year-old trails through an area of vanished mills and mines. 15 information boards en route tell you about the local history of viniculture on this four-kilometre circular walk.

Wine, KulTour & Scenery in the Pure State, Greiveldange With 16 information boards along the way, this delightful figure-of-eight walk through Greiveldange’s vineyard tells the fascinating history of wine-growing in the area. Delight in the chalk formations on this scenic seven-kilometre ramble.

The Dream Loop – Wine & Nature Path, Palmberg Ahn Passing through forest, limestone cliffs, ancient beech trees, orchid meadows – and of course idyllic vineyard lanes – this nine-kilometre route above the Moselle Valley is indeed a dream.

Kanecher Wéngertsbierg, Canach
The four-kilometre walk takes the rambler through the historic vineyards of Canach. The abandoned terraced vineyards with their ancient dry-stone walls are rich in wildlife.

Fancy something a bit more lively? Here’s 4 great wine festivals

The best way to experience the Moselle wines is to join one of the harvest festivals in September and October. These have been cancelled for 2020, but they will be back in 2021 and you won’t want to miss them. Soak up the carnival atmosphere with music, dance, parades and fireworks. Visit the wine cellars, sample crisp, acidic wines and taste local foods brimming with flavour. Santé!

Schwéidsbenger Wäifescht, Schwebsingen  Enjoy tarte flambée, wine and music at the Augustinshaus on Friday evening, an art exhibition on Saturday and the wine blessing and ceremonious tapping of the wine fountain on Sunday. Feast on a lunch of fried fish, barbecued meat and local delicacies in the village square, ride a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy a concert.

Wine and Grape Festival, Grevenmacher Celebrate the wine harvest with a weekend of concerts, parades and fireworks.

Riesling Open, Wormeldange Friday sees the new Queen Riesling crowned with music and dancing at the Cultural Centre. On Saturday and Sunday visit the wine cellars of Wormeldange along the Moselle from Machtum to Ehnen, 10 sublime kilometres of waterside beauty – and wine tasting, of course.

Hunnefeier Schengen The Hunnefeier Wine Festival celebrates the end of the grape harvest in style. Taste the finest wines the Moselle has to offer. Sample local cheeses and delicacies. Comb through more than 100 stalls of the flea and craft markets and pause to enjoy live music and the antics of street entertainers.

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