How to make a classic Italian negroni cocktail

We’ve teamed up with OPIHR to bring you a spicy twist on the classic negroni cocktail. This recipe uses OPIHR Gin’s European Edition to create a spiced negroni like you’ve never tasted before…

Team Wanderlust
03 September 2020
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European cocktail culture has had a resurgence. Boosted by bartenders’ love of the classics, we are appreciating the stylized bitter twists on cocktails both in Europe and the world over. 

Pass by a restaurant or bar in Europe and it’s hard not to see someone with an Aperol Spritz in hand. This popular bitter flavour is the same that is found in the negroni cocktail. 

It’s this swing in popularity of this taste that sparked the creation of  OPIHR’s European Edition, which blends fragrant myrrh and the distinct aromatic bitterness of cascarilla bark.

Inspired by Venice’s 500-year spice trade history and the Italian love affair with cascarilla bark used to create highly aromatic tonics, bitters and vermouths; this is a bold, savoury-led spiced London Dry gin with balanced bitter notes. These flavours means it mixes perfectly with sweet vermouth and Campari to create a spiced twist on a classic negroni cocktail. 

While you’re getting lost in planning your escape to Italy, make yours a spiced negroni. This twist on a classic cocktail is guaranteed to transport you there with every sip!


35ml OPIHR European Edition Gin

25ml Sweet vermouth

25ml Campari

Orange peel garnish



Stir down. Serve over ice in rocks glass. Garnish with orange peel.


Simple serve suggestion

25ml European Edition gin, mix with Mediterranean Tonic

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