Wanderlust Off the Page: Louisiana Roadtrip

In this episode of Wanderlust: Off the Page, host Aaron Millar explores the history, colourful art, soulful food and joyous spirit of Louisiana…

Team Wanderlust
16 March 2023

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“When you arrive in Louisiana…expect the unexpected.”

There’s no place quite like Louisiana. In this rich land of mossy bayous and brightly-painted porches, music intermingles with the cries of wildlife and the flow of the river. It’s a place teeming with history and curiosity, colourful art, soulful food, and a joyous spirit. And to experience all of it – because in Louisiana, more is more – we’re taking a roadtrip throughout the southern heart of the state!

Beginning in New Orleans, we’ll duck into lively jazz halls, wander the colourful streets of the French Quarter, and enjoy heaps of beignets – and mimosas – at the best brunch spot in town. Continuing west, we’ll explore Lafayette, which sits at the heart of Cajun Country and boasts some of the state’s freshest seafood and the catchiest type of music you’ve likely never heard of before. Finally, we’ll end our trip in Lake Charles, where beaches, boat rides, spearfishing, shrimping, and birdwatching fill each day and exuberant music, nightlife, and casinos roar to life at night.

In each destination, host Aaron Millar will speak with a different local who shares the best insider tips and advice on where to go, when to visit, and what to expect…aside from the unexpected, of course.

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