9 photos that will make you want to visit the Cook Islands

Dreaming of a big trip? As well as beaches, you can do watersports, go hiking and attend festivals in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific

Team Wanderlust
26 February 2021

Chanting and singing – a mangaia pe’e – at Te Maeva Nui festival (Cook Islands Tourism)

A humpback whale off Raratonga (Shutterstock)

Plantations from above (Cook Islands Tourism)

A local woman and girls in flower garlands (David Kirkland Photography)

Stand up paddleboarding at sunset (David Kirkland Photography)

Trekking on the main island of Rarotonga (Cook Islands Tourism)

One of many watersports races in Matson Vaka Eiva (Cook Islands Tourism)

The second most populated island of Aitutaki (David Kirkland Photography)

A Cook Islander dancing in Rarotonga (Shutterstock)

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