9 portraits of humanity from Burkina Faso, North Korea and beyond

From father-daughter bonding in Barcelona to a Ugandan beauty salon, new book Portrait Of Humanity showcases striking differences between countries with portraits of the world’s citizens…

Team Wanderlust
07 July 2019

(Fabian Muir/Hoxton Mini Press)

(David Cantor/Hoxton Mini Press)

(Fiona Yaron-Field/Hoxton Press)

(Javier Caso/Hoxton Mini Press)

(Patricia Gutiérrez/Hoxton Mini Press)

(Federico Redin/Hoxton Mini Press)

(Iorgis Matyassy/Hoxton Mini Press)

(Roland Błazejewski/Hoxton Mini Press)

(Giulia Frigieri/Hoxton Mini Press)

Portrait of Humanity is published by Hoxton Mini Press, and is available to purchase now.

Meet more of the world’s communities:

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