5 very good reasons to fly with Hainan Airlines

With Michelin-star chefs, a pristine safety record and award-winning service, here are five very good reasons to choose to fly with Hainan Airlines on your next adventure…

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20 June 2019
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Soaring through the sky since 1993, Hainan Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Asia. Be prepared to have your taste buds tantalised at 30,000 feet as Hainan Airlines offer a delicious on-board menu created by Michelin-star chef (aeroplane cuisine doesn’t get much better than that.) Whether you’re taking a domestic flight in China or a long-haul trip to the U.S, Europe or further afield, here are five very good reasons to fly with Hainan Airlines next time you’re planning an adventure…

1. The striking design

Hainan Airlines recently had a swanky makeover, introducing its Dreamliner aircraft to feature a new ‘Dream Feather’ concept and colour scheme. Now in full swing, passengers can feel like a part of the Hainan Airlines family from the moment they check-in for their flight at the airport to the moment they touchdown.

Inspired by Chinese art and culture in Champagne gold, burgundy red and silver grey, every visual element has been put in place with respect for the airline’s heritage, while also maintaining an international perspective — a combination that was recently praised by the SKYTRAX president. You may even notice the cabin crew wearing traditional Chinese Cheongsam dresses and jackets with Mandarin collars: the new uniform was debuted at Paris Couture Week in 2017 (who knew air travel fashion could be so a la mode?).


2. Comfort in all classes

The entire Hainan Airlines fleet puts comfort at the forefront of the customer experience with plush seating and great on-board entertainment, as part of their aim to create an unparalleled air travel experience. The new Dreamliner aircraft with ‘Dream Feather’ design goes even further, offering passengers the option to book seats in a new Premium Economy class that uses genuine leather on the headrests as well as ergonomic waist support cushions, perfect for those in need of a mid-flight snooze or for passengers looking for extra comfort while they work.

As well as this, Hainan Airlines also responded to its customer’s feedback and upgraded its Care More programmes, making flights more comfortable for pregnant women, senior citizens and children with special needs.

Whether you’re flying in business, premium economy or economy, air-travel feels that little bit easier when you know you’ll be able to relax among the clouds, no matter where you’re sitting.

3. Their Michelin-starred chefs

You don’t have to trek around the world to experience a Michelin chef’s meal ­– now you can dig into a gourmet feast of Chinese and Western dishes when you’re sky high.

Delicious healthy hot food is available for all passengers, while business class flyers will receive this extra special dining experience. Seven renowned Michelin Star chefs – Alyn Williams, Christof Lang, Brent Savage, Roman Paulus, Ugo Alciati, Gaël Orieux and Stéphanie Thunus – and five well-known Chinese chefs have designed recipes for Hainan Airlines. Authentic Chinese dishes are also available on long-haul international flights, all whipped up in business class by the Cabin Chef who talks through the preparation of each course with passengers. Along side the inflight cuisine, passengers can also enjoy the delicacies all over the world at the HNA Club.  Expect a rich culinary journey.

4.The impressive Shenzhen hub

Hainan Airlines serve an impressive number of worldwide destinations, with their longest flight departing from Chengdu to New York. It’s also a real focus of theirs to develop the aviation hubs in which they fly from: in recent years it’s become a new travel trend to see the world by embarking from Shenzhen, a major city in China’s Guangdong Province.

Shenzhen is a fascinating place as it has grown from a community of small fishing villages and farms into a now bustling city. At only 40 years old, almost everything in Shenzhen is new: new parks, new shopping malls and modern architecture, as well as some beautiful beaches. Xichong beach, with its soft golden sand and crystal waters, is a must-visit if you’re in the area.

5. The impeccable safety record

Even the most experienced of flyers would prefer to travel with a reputable airline and it goes without saying that Hainan Airlines is as good as they come, having achieved 26 years of safe operations since its maiden flight in 1993. They have also won a global SKYTRAX 5-star Airline rating for nine consecutive years and were the first Chinese mainland airline to join the roster of SKYTRAX’s 10 top-ranking world airlines.

At this year’s awards, on 18th June 2019, Hainan Airlines was once again named a SKYTRAX 5-star airline for the ninth year in a row, coming seventh in the Top 10 SKYTRAX carriers, and also bagging first place for Best Business Class Comfort Amenities, Best Airlines in China and Best Airline Staff in China.

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