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Catch up on the full recording of the event, see the answers to your questions, get the full cocktail and cocoa tea recipes, and see all the highlights from our Tobago event…

Team Wanderlust
05 March 2021

Over 400 of you tuned in, rum punch in hand, ready to be transported to Tobago last night. We enjoyed incredible videos which took us on a journey around the island, listened to an insightful chat between Lyn, Nadine and Sheena, and even had the chance to learn how to make our own cocktails and cocoa tea.

If the cocktail went straight to your head and you can’t quite remember all of the answers to your questions, then fear not! We’ve got the full recording of the event plus the answers to your questions right here…

Watch the full webinar

Our experts answer your questions

How big is Tobago?
It’s approximately 25 miles long and about seven miles wide. To give you some context, it’s about the same size as the Isle of Wight. The population is about 60,000.

How do you get there?
Very easily! When things get back to normal, there are direct flights with British Airways from Gatwick and Virgin from Heathrow. They both fly twice a week during the winter, BA stays at twice a week in summer and Virgin flies once a week in the summer.

How do you get around Tobago?
I would advise you use a taxi or a tour guide to take you around the island for the first few days, and after that you can explore on your own. Travelling with a local tour guide will allow you to see the hidden gems and the local side of life. We also have busses which go around the island. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road.

Can you cycle there?
Cycling is huge in Tobago! We have quite a few mountain bike tour companies. As well as this, you can join early morning cycling groups with the locals and you can rent bicycles.

Can you take a day trip to Trinidad?
There is an air-bridge where you can fly throughout the day between the two islands. There’s also a fast ferry early in the morning between the islands.

How do you get to Nylon Pool?
You can take a boat from Pigeon Point which will take you right into the Nylon Pool, which is about the size of three football pitches.Don’t forget to explore Pigeon Point, too – it’s a great spot for watersports.

See leatherback turtles (Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd)

When is the best time for seeing turtles?
January to September but it peaks between March and June when the turtles come and lay their eggs and later in the year you can see the hatchlings. Stone Haven Bay is very much known for turtle watching and the conservation group here spend a lot of time making sure the turtles can get to the shore to lay the eggs and that thehatchlings can get back out to sea.

When is the best time to visit Tobago?
It’s important to note that Tobago is outside the hurricane belt so it doesn’t get directly impacted during the June to November hurricane season. If you are a diver then you’re better off visiting between December and April during the dry season when the water is at its clearest. But generally speaking the weather is good year-round so there is no bad time to visit.

Can you snorkel from the beaches?
Absolutely! We have loads of fish and coral very close to the shoreline. Stone Haven Bay is very popular for snorkelling and the entire Caribbean coast is great for snorkelling as it is calm and sheltered.

Is it all all-inclusive resorts?
No! The largest hotel on the island is not even 200 rooms and the majority of the accommodation options are not all-inclusive hotels. There’s a huge number of small, family run guest houses and B&Bs which we really recommend as it gives you the chance to meet the owners, ask them questions, hear their stories and take their travel recommendations to find local hangouts.

What’s Tobago like for a solo traveller?
Tobago feels so safe! You can get to know people really quickly and people will look out for you. For solo travellers, we’d really recommend hiring a private guide. Not only will this mean you will get so much more out of your trip and learn so much more, but it will make you feel safer.

Fort King George (Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd)

Can you join day trips?
There are plenty of small, locally-run companies on the island. Whatever your needs, there will be someone on the island that can assist.

What about historical sites in Tobago?
Tobago has a very diverse history, we changed hands over 30 times. We have so much European influence and that still remains today and can be explored at the many forts that you can tour and we have a museum where you can learn about the history of Tobago.

What about the festivals?
Folklore is really important in Tobago which is where the Heritage Festival comes in. It’s really hinged on the African influence on Tobago and the Heritage Festival looks at how we used to live and how it made us who we are today. Food is a huge part of this because we have changed hands so many times so that amalgamation of influences is really celebrated during the Heritage Festival. It’s a month-long celebration where you learn dances and drumming. It moves around the whole island and each village puts on a production. Heritage island really brings the whole island to life. It usually runs between July and August.

Tobago also has a laid-back approach to carnival which is community-based and smaller than Trinidad’s and offers something you can immerse yourself in.

How long do I need to spend in Tobago?
We’d recommend at least a week. You can easily fill ten days to two weeks, depending on what kind of holiday you want to have. If you want to really relax and give yourself the time to really enjoy the beach and the natural environment alongside enjoying the wide variety of excursions, then you can easily fill a two week holiday.

Is there a vaccine rollout?
The vaccine rollout is happening at the end of March.

Have a go at making cocoa tea and a Tobagonian cocktail

During the event, we were treated to wonderful tutorials on how to make cocoa tea and a Tobagonian cocktail. Download the recipes below to have a go for yourself.

What did you have to say?

Been once and can’t wait to go back.

Thank you for a great insight into Tobago.

Thanks ever so much! This was brilliant! Can’t wait to go to Tobago soon!

Thank you all for a fun evening.

Hopefully see you all in Tobago soon!

Thank you, your country is beautiful.

Best webinar yet!

Great webinar … looking forward to visiting! Thanks for the goodie parcel!

Thank you so much, I loved it!

Excellent, I want to go now!

Having first started learning about Tobago because I am teaching it at school, I am now even more keen to go after this evening’s fantastic webinar. Thank you very much for a super evening!

Thanks very much! Tiny little place with a huge heart and would love to visit one day.

We tried the cocktail and it is absolutely delicious!! Highly recommended!

Is anyone else watching this desperate to book a flight to Tobago?

Thanks for my goodie bag, can’t wait to make the cocoa tea!

A little look inside the evening…

Nadine, Sheena and Lyn chatted all things Tobago

We were treated to some wonderful videos

We were shown how to make a Tobagonian cocktail

Lyn and Nadine enjoyed their rum cocktails

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