From inception, we wanted the Travel Green List to be an extensive, inspiring, and honest portrayal of sustainability in travel. So, we began by asking the most obvious question:

We already know that reducing carbon emissions is crucial, as is preserving the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems. However, the effect of tourism on communities is also vital, albeit a factor far less widely appreciated. In fact, in most cases these go hand in hand. A well-supported society will be more empowered and equipped to protect its environment, strengthening regeneration.

In essence, sustainable travel is an exchange of enriching and interactive encounters that benefit both the visitor and the host. This was the philosophy we adopted in compiling the Travel Green List.

Throughout this list we celebrate people and places committed to making a difference: those that are taking meaningful steps towards safeguarding local culture, environment and wildlife. We pay great attention to the operators delivering deeper, more interactive travel itineraries and the transport providers making emissions reductions a priority

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Why did we launch the Travel Green List?

Wanderlust has championed responsible travel since its founding 30 years ago. Here, Editor-in-chief George Kipouros explains why now is the time to showcase the destinations, accommodation, and tour operators leading the way in sustainable tourism.

Green Destinations

The first section of Wanderlust's Green List highlights the world's trailblazing destinations when it comes to sustainable travel. From Bhutan to Belize, communities have been coming together to safeguard local culture, environment and wildlife. As a result, they have achieved incredible things. Scroll down and pick a region to learn more.


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Green Sleeps

It’s no longer enough to just have good service and a beautiful location – ask what your stay is doing to make a difference. Scroll down to pick a region and find your perfect eco escape.


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Green sleeps in Africa

Green sleeps in Asia

Green sleeps in Australia & the Pacific

Green sleeps in Europe

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Green Tours

These tours ensure that everyone wins: you get an epic experience away from the crowds and your money goes to benefitting the right causes and people.

Green Transport

Who you travel with can make all the difference. Meet the companies leading by example in pushing for more sustainable transport options.

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