Travel Photo of the Year: The Travel Icon category finalists

Have a scroll through our shortlisted gallery of Travel Icons, including glowing northern lights, bluebell woods, and an ancient city…

Team Wanderlust
29 January 2023

Have a scroll through our gorgeous gallery of shortlisted Travel Icons. Which one is your favourite? Once you’ve chosen, vote for them to win!

Enchanted Woodland, United Kingdom (Jackie Matear)

“Bluebells are one of the most enchanting and iconic flowers of Britain. The early morning mist transformed this woodland in Hertfordshire into an utterly magical scene.”

– Jackie Matear, Chartered Accountant

Honey Hunting Dolakha, Nepal (Mark Levitin)

“Mr. Netrabadur Khorkha, a lifelong honey hunter, hangs precariously off a hand-woven rope ladder in Dolakha, Nepal. A cloud of angry bees swarms helplessly around. The honey of giant Himalayan bee is highly prized for its medicinal and psychedelic properties, and so far it is only obtained by such ancient methods, in the wild.”

– Mark Levitin, Travel Writer

Icelandic Aurora, Stafsnes, Iceland (Ray Hems)

“The spectacular natural phenomena of the Aurora Borealis is one of the most iconic sights in travel. Here the dynamic curtains and spirals of vivid colour are seen swirling around the Stafnesviti lighthouse in Iceland.”

– Ray Hems, Retired

Kyoto Nights, Kyoto, Japan (Stuart Blyth)

“Central Kyoto, late in the evening, I got this great opportunity to catch an opportunistic handheld shot of a couple walking towards the temple.”

– Stuart Blyth, Retired

Miners Homes, Kolmanskop Kolmanskop, Namibia (Phil Reeds)

“Brightly coloured wallpaper peels from the walls of diamond miner’s homes. Abandoned in 1956 these ruins are slowly consumed by the desert in a region known as “the forbidden area”.”

– Phil Reeds, Retired

Jama Masjid, Delhi, India (Khairel Anuar Che Ani)

“This image of Jama Masjid, Delhi, India was taken during Eid al-Adha Greater Eid prayers in the morning of 10th. Zulhijjah the twelfth month in Islamic calendar marking for a four days celebration together with annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mekah.”

– Khairel Anuar Che Ani, Quantity Surveyor

The Great Wall In Snowfall, China (Charlotte Coppenhall)

“Arriving at The Great Wall, the weather rapidly changed. Undeterred, I started to walk the world wonder, and found myself alone in the middle of a snowstorm.”

– Charlotte Coppenhall, Primary Teacher

Lisbon Trams Early Morning, Lisbon, Portugal (Deian Benjamin)

“Lisbon’s iconic trams on the Rua da Conceição. A pre-dawn image of the heritage trams – the nostalgic and emblematic symbol of Lisbon and a tourist attraction in their own right.”

– Deian Benjamin, Civil Servant

Two Women Washing By The Oldest Teak Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar (Michael Poxton)

“U Bein Bridge, Mandalay … believed to be the oldest teak bridge in the world. Two local ladies wandered down to bathe, adding depth to a wonderful sunset scene.”

– Michael Poxton, Retired

Varanasi Boats, Varanasi, India (Arup Ghosh)

“Varanasi, the world’s most ancient living city, a traditional boat on the river Ganges offers insight into life on the ghats.”

– Arup Ghosh, Service

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