Unforgettable wildlife experiences on Kangaroo Island, South Australia

This island is a wildlife wonderland, where incredible creatures thrive. Seek them out with this mini guide…

Team Wanderlust
20 September 2016

Get up-close with Australian sea lions

Australian sea lions are among the rarest breed of their kind. The Seal Bay Conservation Park in Kangaroo Island hosts the third largest colony of this species in the world, and is where groups of them come to sunbathe on the sand. The seals fish out at sea for three days, so they come here for some much-needed R&R.

To see these extraordinary creatures in Seal Bay, you can either take a tour (during which a guide will tell you about the seals and their habits) or you can see them for yourself from the Don Dixon Boardwalk on the beach.

Spot dolphins around Penneshaw

Feed the emus at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Look out for deadly heath goannas

Get acquainted with kangaroos

Watch koalas move through the trees

Find the tammar wallaby

Pay a visit to the pelicans

Gawp at the short-beaked echidna

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