Take a virtual tour of past Wanderlust Photo of the Year entries

Usually at Destinations Travel Show, we host the Wanderlust Photo of the Year Competition. This year, we’re taking the chance to look back at some of our favou

Team Wanderlust
30 April 2021

Usually at Destinations Travel Show, we host the Wanderlust Photo of the Year Competition, where crowds come to admire and vote for their favourite finalist photos. Due to Covid-19, we had to cancel this year’s competition. So we are taking the time to have a look back at some of the final photos from over the years. We hope you enjoy this curated gallery of past entries as much as we did! Be sure to tag us in your social posts to let us know which is your favourite!

The best from the people category over the years…

The thinker (Thomas Kast)

You want it that big? (Bun Ngo Leung)

A celebration of Hindu tradition (Muhammad Amdad Hossain)

Blue (Bart Brouwer)

Descent of the Ukukus (Christopher Roche)

Old woman, Lorestan Province, Iran (Meisam Abdoli)

Human canvas, Ethiopia (Biljana Jurukovski)

SiyaRam: Varanasi, India (Matt Parry)

The face of Kulasai: Tamil Nadu, India (Shibasish Saha)

The best from the landscape category over the years…

Land of Narnia (Brian McCready)

The hot springs area at Myvatn in Iceland (Howard Angus)

Faces of Brim (Jason Freeman)

The sunrise hours highlight the many peaks of Yellow Mountain in China (Callie Chee)

The magnificence of the desert, Khara Desert, Isfahan Province, Iran (Babak Mehrafshar)

Terraced Houses’ in Bristol (Alex Wolfe-Warman)

When East meets West, Central district, Hong Kong Island (Joe B N Leung)

Feeding on salt, Lake Retba, Senegal (Paul-Vlad Epure)

Tekes landscape with horses (Gunther Riehle)

Misty morning in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) (Aung ThuYa)

The best from the wildlife category over the years…

Cheetah family, Ndutu, Tanzania (Annie Nash)

Facing certain death (Julia Wainwright)

‘Kingfisher rising’ photographed in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland (Patrick O’Brien)

Scissors, paper, stone…(Paul Wynn)

Snowy owl (Giovanni Frescura)

The kiss (Stefania Urbini)

Breathtaking (Gheorghe Dragomir)

Shining pilots (Viv Leese)

Arctic fox, Hornstrandir, Iceland (Giovanni Frescura)

Swan lake (Kellie Netherwood)

The best from the travel icon category over the years…

Taj behind the colour (Sanghamitra Sarkar)

Fasting festival Rakher Upobash (Md Rafayat Haque Khan)

Loose button (Monika Mazurkiewicz)

Colourful Cuba (Geraint Rowland)

Florence blessing (Carolyn Suer)

Into the blue (Joshua Windsor)

Lady in the rain Seville, Spain (Barry Pope)

The Imam Mosque by moonlight Ruth Spencer

Submission (Sunayana Dhang)

USA A-OK Times Square, New York, USA (Philip Tomlinson)

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