Wanderlust changed my life!

More than a magazine, Wanderlust is really about the people it unites. Here, readers and contributors explain the way it has inspired their lives…

Team Wanderlust
12 June 2018

It turned me into a writer…


Helen Moat: Travel journalist 

It made me a travel author…

“I have been a subscriber to Wanderlust for the last 25 years, and it has inspired my wife and I to visit some amazing places. Our first big trip lasted 13 months, and we returned in such a positive state of mind that, rather than being unemployable, our careers prospered. We still travel extensively, and I’ve recently been inspired to publish two travel books on Amazon, Running with the Bulls (about a round-the-world trip) and Laughing with Llamas (about Peru and South America). “Wanderlust continues to be a source of ideas to us both and, unusually, it seems to have retained its original spark as it reaches its silver anniversary milestone.”

David Kitching: Travel author 

It made me realise my calling…

A Llama looking over Machu Picchu (Dreamstime)

“I’d been living abroad for years, but had never considered a career as a travel writer or photographer – until, not long after I returned from a year in Nepal, I entered my image in the Wanderlust Photo of the Year competition. Because of the kind words from you guys when I was highly commended for the prize, I decided to keep going in photography, come hell or high water. Now, I’ve contributed my images and words to countless other magazines and newspapers, too. Thanks for the encouragement back then to keep following the dream.”

Lisa Young: Travel photographer/writer

It got me to Bhutan…

It got me into the hills…

Highly commended Wanderlust Photo of the Year photo and certificate (Lisa Young)

“In 2010, I entered the Wanderlust Photo of the Year competition and was highly commended in the landscape category. That didn’t change my life in itself – what did change was receiving a goodie bag containing the February 2011 issue. It featured a story on the newly opened Merak Sakteng Trek in the rarely visited eastern part of Bhutan. I found the cover photo of red-robed monks irresistibly enchanting, and thought the concept of Gross National Happiness utterly fascinating. “Six months later, I booked my trip of a lifetime – traversing Bhutan from west to east, with the Merak Sakteng Trek thrown in. The tour involved plenty of high-altitude roads, trekking, local people and their horses. Seeing how people lived there changed my attitude to so many aspects of my own existence, allowing me to distinguish between what I want and what I need. When I think of myself as I was, I can hardly recognise that person. The article was entitled ‘Footpaths to Enlightenment’, which is exactly what it felt like to me.”

Kasia Nowak: Enlightened trekker 

It made my bucket list unmanageable…

Wanderlust is the most inspirational reading and has honestly helped me find my true passion for travel and hiking. Since I started reading, I’ve trekked the Laugavegur Trail in southern Iceland and done the Jurassic Coast Challenge, walking 100km from Poole to Bridport overnight. This September, I’m doing the Chiltern 50 Challenge, a 50km walk, and next year I’m planning to climb Kilimanjaro, as well as doing the Three Peaks, Peak District and Cotswold Way Challenges. It’s kept me busy.”

Pippa-Rosy Steffell: Action woman 

The Merak Sakteng Trek, Bhutan (Shutterstock)

“I remember that first issue of Wanderlust as a lightbulb moment. Here was a magazine directed at those of us with dreams of travel, showing us how to make those dreams come true. I’ve camped around Africa, Canada, Alaska, South America and the USA. I’ve hiked around New Zealand, Australia and Europe. My one issue with Wanderlust is that my bucket list gets longer, not shorter.” 

Brenda Boulton: Prolific traveller

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