Off the Page: The Abundant and Astonishing Azores (Partner special)

In this podcast episode, we find out why The Azores are one of the best-kept secrets of travel for nature lovers…

Team Wanderlust
27 October 2023

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The Azores are one of the best-kept secrets of travel for nature lovers. There’s a reason these 9 islands, situated in sparkling turquoise waters off the coast of Portugal, are known as  “naturally surprising.” They’re bursting with biodiversity, natural attractions, and rich cultural experiences.

In this episode, listen as travel writer and host Aaron Millar interviews Eduardo Elias from Visit Azores. They’ll discuss everything uniquely Azores, from hiking volcanic calderas to birdwatching, going whale-watching year-round, enjoying local farm-to-table food and volcanic wines, attending cultural festivals, and more. 

The Azores are committed to preserving their biodiversity – and using tourism as a force for good. They were the first island archipelago to be classified as a sustainable destination. They boast a Geopark, four biosphere reserves, two World Heritage Sites, and 13 RAMSAR sites – packing in plenty to see across the islands!

To learn more about all that the Azores have to offer, go to or connect with them on Instagram @VisitAzores. And book your flight to the Azores with partner British Airways for an unforgettable trip!

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