4 ways to discover a wealth of health in the Black Forest

In such a fast-paced modern world, it’s more important than ever to slow down on our travels. Luckily, the Black Forest has plenty of ways to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul…

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26 May 2023
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Discover The Black Forest

We’ll let you in on a secret, the Black Forest is a favourite destination amongst Germans. If you’re wondering why, then discover it for yourself. Let your mind delve into the culture or strengthen your lungs on a mountain climb. Relax and revive in a world-class spa or get your blood flowing at energetic attractions. And of course, take your opportunity to savour both the region’s top quality cuisine as well as its locally produced delicacies. What better way to counteract the fast-paced world than with a soothing escape to the Black Forest…

Touch down in a region known for its fine food and culture

The Schlossplatz in Stuttgart (Stuttgart Marketing/Jean-Claude Winkler)

Known as the gateway to the Black Forest, Stuttgart Airport will ease you into a relaxing short break with daily flights from the UK. Its four terminals handle up to 12 million passengers, yet it has the feel of a small airport with its quiet and friendly efficiency. The airport is well served with taxis, buses, trains and car rental, all within easy reach.

After touching down, the local area is sure to meet all your cultural and culinary needs. Whether it’s sightseeing and feasting on regional produce such as asparagus and mushrooms plucked straight from the fields of the Black Forest, or museum tours and taster menus at one of many fine dining restaurants – everyone is guaranteed to find their halcyon. On your return to Stuttgart Airport for your flight home, don’t miss the observation deck and SkyLand Visitor Centre where you can settle down with some ‘Kaffee & Kuchen’ in a cosy corner to perfectly round-off your relaxing Black Forest experience.

Let the fresh air of the Black Forest fill your lungs

Kandelfelsen is popular with climbers (Vincent Croce)

Nestled in the tri-border area, where Germany meets Switzerland and France, the Black Forest conjures up visions of fairytale landscapes. Explore mountaintops, otherworldly forests and sun-drenched valleys whilst discovering a different outlook with every corner turned. Tucked into this soul-restoring landscape, you’ll also find quaint settlements of steeply pitched roofs and onion-domed churches, each offering its own unique enriching experiences.

You can also satisfy your thirst for adventure with the Black Forest’s 51 premium hiking trails each with different insights to stumble upon as you trace its wildernesses: from sky loungers and rest huts to waterfalls, lakes, canyons and vineyards. Re-energise with hearty regional fare and quench your thirst with local wines, beers and schnapps as you continue to wander the forests and hills. There’s no better place to stimulate the senses while quietening the mind than under the canopy of the trees. Hear the birdsong. Breathe in the pine aroma. The Black Forest is the essence of forest bathing.

Immerse yourself in the thermal baths of spa town Baden-Baden

It’s easy to unwind in the spa town of Baden-Baden (DZT/G. Standl)

Three words describe Baden-Baden: elegance, culture and water. Surrounded by the densely wooded Northern Black Forest, the traditional spa town offers the ultimate in wellness and relaxation. In the 19th century, visitors started flocking to this fashionable spa destination despite the Black Forest’s healing waters being first discovered long ago by the Romans. Nowadays, Baden-Baden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed under the ‘Great Spa Towns of Europe’.

The city’s River Oos, with its many bridges, offers ample opportunities to wander. Explore the streets lined with elegant historic buildings or find tranquillity in the town’s leafy green spaces with their fountains and springs. Afterwards, you can soothe tired legs in one of Baden-Baden’s famous spas. Or luxuriate in the baths of the Renaissance-style Friedrichsbad with its opulent domed roof. Equally splendid is the contemporary Roman-style Caracalla Spa with both indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and steam rooms, plus treatment and fitness rooms.

There’s also plenty of culture to satisfy the art and history lover, too. Check out the Museum Frieder Burda, Brahms’ House and the Roman Bath Ruins. Enjoy music and theatre at the stunning Belle Époquestyle Kurhaus or Festival Hall – Germany’s largest opera house. And let’s not forget the cuisine of Baden-Baden’s hotels and restaurants; you could even coincide your trip with the Baden-Baden Wine & Gourmet Festival each May. One thing’s for sure: there’s plenty of choice for every taste and pocket.

Experience life’s magic at Europa-Park

Europa-Park at night

Between the Rhine and the Black Forest, you’ll find some of Germany’s most beautiful towns and villages with their cobbled streets, quiet squares and half-timbered houses – it is also home to Germany’s most magical Europa-Park Resort which is sure to make you feel alive whilst offering lots of peaceful and calming experiences to enjoy as well! Combine the traditional relaxation of Germany’s spa culture with the adrenaline-meets-hygge approach of Europa-Park’s Resorts new water world: Rulantica – one of the largest in the world. Enjoy the twists and turns of dizzying waterslides and aqua-rides before winding down in its Hyggedal area with its Nordic-style saunas, outdoor terrace and comfy sofas.

Back on terra firma, Europa-Park theme park offers invigorating and energising thrills and spills with its adrenalinepumping coasters such as the Blue Fire Megacoaster, WODAN and many more. There’s also plenty of more serene attractions such Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey or Volo da Vinci, where you can float high above the park, taking in the scenery as you glide through the air. Or if you’re after something truly sensational, you should get lost in one of the spectacular shows or embark on a sensory journey for all senses in the world-first restaurant experience Eatrenalin. Then recharge in one of Europa-Park Resort’s six luxury themed hotels, from the peace of hotel Santa Isabel’s monastery characteristics to the elegant New England charm of the hotel Bell Rock there are plenty of options to rest in style.

This is the place to expand your horizons across Europe via Iceland, England, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Greece, Spain – and, of course, Germany. Experience Europe in a day!

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