5 ways printing our travel photos can increase our happiness

With the world on hold, there has never been a better time to look back on past travel memories. We’ve teamed up with CEWE to show the effects looking at trave

Team Wanderlust
07 October 2020

1. They remind us of past trips

Often, past adventures are filled with happy memories, so it’s no wonder that looking back at photographs of our travels has a positive effect on our mood. Indeed, in a recent survey, CEWE found that 56% of people feel happy when looking through old photos.* So the next time you need cheering up, why not select an old photo album and spend some time leafing through it? Chances are you will feel much better by the time you get to the end.

Travel content creator and biologist Neel Wanders, AKA Flunking Monkey, recently created his own CEWE PHOTOBOOK which gave him the chance to reflect on his first ever travel adventure. Looking back at the old photos brought back happy memories of “the ancient sites of Cambodia, the blue waters of the Philippines, tea fields in Malaysia, skyscrapers in Singapore and the islands of Indonesia.” Neel told us that “photographs are an amazing way for us to memorialize our adventures” and that they “reignite positive emotions and remind us of the beauty of the world”.

Why not create your own CEWE PHOTOBOOK so you can look back at your past trips? With many sizes, cover options and paper types to choose from, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK not only looks great on your shelf, but it will keep your photos safe and your mood lifted for years to come.

2. They can inspire future travel

Not only does flicking through past travel photos make us feel happy, it also has the power to inspire us to get out and see the world once more. Photographs can remind us of much more than what a place looks like: they can also bring back the smells and sounds of destinations and how we felt when we visited which can be extremely inspiring.

This is something wildlife videographer Tania Esteban experienced when she created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Looking back at photos of her time spent in Meru National Park in Kenya for the filming of A Lions Tale brought back the sounds of the laughing school children she met and the smell of the fires she witnessed.

Tania describes photos as ‘portals into past experiences and memories that were lived and captured in that ephemeral precious moment.’ Having the chance to look back at such incredible memories has made Tania hungry for her next trip and she can’t wait to have her next travel adventure and share more inspiring stories with the world in her job as a filmmaker.

3. They provide us with a chance to express our creativity

As with a lot of things in life, it’s not just about the end result, but the process it took to get there. Looking through photos in an album can make us happy, but the process of creating the book is also very rewarding.

Making a CEWE PHOTOBOOK allows you to get stuck in and be creative. The software makes it easy for you to move and resize your photos while not limiting your options. In fact, CEWE gives you so many options – from various book sizes and shapes to countless design themes – that you could spend hours making your book just right for you. Whether you want one photo of a spectacular sunset to fill an entire page or want to create a collage of all the experiences you had in one day of your trip, CEWE allows you control over every creative detail. Why not take your creativity a step further by adding clever captions to your photos and even adding scannable QR codes that allow you to insert videos into your book?

However you decide to design your CEWE PHOTOOBOOK, the process is bound to be good for your wellbeing and you will be left with a beautiful end product that you can be really proud of.

4. They can help us to relax

After a stressful day at work, many of us turn to the TV or rely on social media for entertainment. But have you ever thought of picking up a photo book as a way of unwinding? The next time you are feeling stressed, make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and spend some time poring over the pages of a past travel photo album. The beauty of looking through photos that are printed is that, unlike scrolling through social media, it gets you away from the screen – something you have likely sat in front of all day. It’s also much more sociable than looking at your phone. Why not invite your travel partner to take a look through the album with you? You’d be surprised by how good a shared laugh over a past funny travel memory can make you both feel.

You may also be surprised by how relaxing this experience can be. A recent study by CEWE found that 31% of people feel relaxed when looking back through old photos, so why not have a go at turning some of your past travels into a CEWE PHOTOBOOK and see if it works for you?

5. They can bring a smile to other people’s faces

One of the many beautiful things about photographs is that they capture shared memories between friends and family members, allowing you to look back and remember your past travels with the people you went with or the people you met along the way.

With Christmas coming up, why not spend some time creating a personal photo gifts that’s bound to bring a smile to someone’s face? CEWE has many gifting options that are easy to add a personal touch to. Whether you decide to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, a phone case, a mug or even a deck of playing cards, you’re bound to make the traveller in your life smile!

Start printing out your travel memories now!

Preserve your memories now, by designing your own CEWE PHOTOBOOK

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*Research conducted by One Poll with a nationally representative sample of 2,000 UK adults, on the 21st – 24thFebruary 2020.

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