#WishIWasThere: 12 places Wanderlust readers can’t wait to get back to

You’ve been keeping our spirits high during the coronavirus pandemic by sharing your travel memories and thanking your trip providers. From Ethiopia to the Azores, here’s a few of our favourites…

Team Wanderlust
28 April 2020


The Norwegian landscape from a train (GM Golpira)

“I’m sharing one of my favourite travel destinations, the Flåm Line [railway], a soothing way to soak up the oasis of calm that is the scenic Norwegian landscape. I’m grateful for this beautiful planet we inhabit.”


David wishes he was in Gothenburg, Sweden (Shutterstock)

“I’m a big fan of Scandinavia, and Sweden in particular. Gothenburg is a city I know quite well through both travel writing and pleasure and I love its chilled vibe, effortlessly classy locals, fine food and charming cafés.”

— David Leck

Myanmar (Burma)

Gemma wishes she was in the Mergui Archipelago (Gemma Wilson)

“I wish I was there on a catamaran in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar. No WiFi, no people, just kilometres of ocean dotted with idyllic islands and hidden bays.”


Diana wants to be in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains (Shutterstock)

“In Ethiopia in the Simien Mountains – here’s Ras Dashen, which I should have been climbing right now… On the positive side, I have a few more months now to remain excited about visiting.”


Joseph wants to be at Loch Ard Gorge (Joseph Boltrukiewicz)

“Loch Ard Gorge in Victoria, Australia, is worth visiting. A place of active geology, influenced by the ocean. I wish I was there again once it’s all over.”


A hummingbird in Tobago (Joel Rawlings)

“I wish I was watching the hummingbirds and jacamars at the Adventure Farm & Nature Reserve in Tobago – it’s so calming watching them.”

The Serengeti

Olivia is dreaming of the Serengeti (Olivia O’Sullivan)

“Breakfast in the Serengeti – just three weeks (aka a lifetime) ago.”

North Macedonia

Tim can’t wait to drink Turkish coffee again (Tim Pendelbury)

“Turkish Coffee in Skopje’s Old Bazaar? Yes please! Looking forward to the next time on our Insight Vacations Treasures of the Balkans tour.”


James is dreaming of France’s cycle tracks (James Scoltock)

“Take me back to the summit of Col de Pailhères. Thank you Le Domestique Tours for the challenge, the magical memories and awesome support.”


Marianne can’t wait to get back to Angkor Wat (Marianne Jones)

“This is where I should be today. I should be showing my niece around Angkor Wat and spending a week in Cambodia. When the world recovers we will take this trip.”

The Sahara

Alice wishes she was in the Sahara (Alice Morisson)

“It’s snowing in the Atlas and I’m longing for the bright skies of the Sahara!”

The Azores

Sophie is dreaming of the Azores (Sophie Gadd)

“The Azores, last June. What a weird and cool place.”

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