Can I travel to France without taking a COVID-19 test? Can I travel to France without taking a COVID-19 test?

It is now easy for those vaccinated against coronavirus to enter France, but visitors should be aware of restrictions after arrival…
21 February 2022

For those longing to spend spring in France, travelling to our overseas neighbour is now much easier.

As of 12 February 2022, France decided to drop their requirement for PCR tests, making travel a smoother process for the fully vaccinated.

The French government said: “Proof of vaccination will be sufficient to come to France whatever country you are coming from, just as it was before the spread of the Omicron variant.”

Double-jabbed arrivals will also need to sign a sworn statement confirming they have not had any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days.

Those who are unvaccinated will still need to take a test before travelling.

Strasbourg market, France (Shutterstock)

Do I need a booster jab to enter France?

To be considered fully vaccinated, travellers must have had a vaccine approved by the World Health Organisation, with the final dose administered more than seven days before arrival.

A booster jab is not yet required to enter France, however the French government has tightened rules at venues across the country, requiring residents and visitors to provide proof of a booster to access public transport, go to restaurants and bars and visit tourist attractions. Travellers from countries outside the EU, such as the UK, are encouraged to convert their vaccination certificates into a European QR code, which will be widely accepted by French venues.

For more information on entry requirements, go to the government website.

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