The islands of Guernsey are recruiting now for a dream role The islands of Guernsey are recruiting now for a dream role

Are you looking for a life change? The car-free, secluded island of Herm is searching for a Head Gardener to take care of its beautiful outdoors…
11 October 2022

As the days get colder and evenings darker, it’s that time of the year when many people feel they need a change in their lives. Some of us will opt for a holiday getaway, while others may be searching for something a little more permanent.

For the latter, a new opportunity in the Channel Islands may be what you’re looking for. Located nearly 5km away from Guernsey, the secluded island of Herm is now recruiting for a dream role.

White sand beaches in Herm (Shutterstock)

Covered in large woodlands and grasslands, this small island is on the search for an active, able-bodied Head Gardener to help take care of its beautiful outdoors.

Taking only two hours to walk around the entire island, this tiny piece of paradise has stunning coastal pathways, acres of wildflowers and white-sand beaches, including the picturesque Shell Beach. 

There are just 65 residents who live on this car-free island which is only accessible by boat, making it feel like a truly different world to any mainland.

Wildflowers on Herm (Shutterstock)

The ideal applicant will have experience of gardening, knowledge on plants and land management, and of course be happy to live on this extremely peaceful island.  

And for those who would prefer a shorter break, Herm is a great place to visit for a weekend away, bursting with incredible wildlife such as puffins, seals and dolphins, plus the new Herm Island Nature Trail allows you to follow in the footsteps of both smugglers and princesses.

For more information about the job role, head to herm.com

The island of Herm from above (Shutterstock)

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