Follow in Agatha Christie’s footsteps on your very own grand tour Follow in Agatha Christie’s footsteps on your very own grand tour

Just in time for the release of ‘Death on the Nile’, luxury travel agent Black Tomato are celebrating 100 years since Agatha Christie’s ‘Grand Tour’ by launching an inspired multi-leg adventure
10 February 2022

Fans of Agatha Christie will soon be able to follow in the best-selling author’s footsteps on a reimagined ‘Grand Tour’ launching in April.

Exactly a century ago, Agatha Christie and her husband set sail around the world on a 10-month odyssey, with destinations such as South Africa, New Zealand, North America and Hawaii on their itinerary.

Writing to her mother every week, her letters and photographs were later published in ‘The Grand Tour’, providing an insight into what life was like exploring these exotic corners of the world as a young woman.

Now, Agatha Christie Limited has partnered with luxury travel agent Black Tomato to launch a multi-leg travel series inspired by the author’s incredible journey.

Fly over Niagara Falls (Shutterstock)

And as Death on the Nile is released in cinemas this week, there is no better time to immerse yourself in the world of this literary icon.

James Prichard, Chairman and CEO of Agatha Christie Limited, and direct relative of the author said: “My great grandmother’s travels were a huge influence on her writing, which is evident in stories such as The Man in the Brown Suit (directly inspired by this round the world trip) and of course, Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile.

 “So, we were delighted when Black Tomato, a travel brand with storytelling at its heart, agreed to partner with us in celebrating Agatha’s many adventures by creating this bespoke itinerary.”

Hokitika Gorge, New Zealand (Shutterstock)

Dubbed ‘The Grand Adventure’, the partnership will allow travellers to explore the same areas of the world she did, with activities such as sea-kayaking in Cape Town, taking a private jet over Niagara Falls, and exploring Australia’s Dandenong Ranges by steam train.

In total, there are four separate itineraries in the series, including London, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and North America. These can either be grouped together for one unforgettable trip, or booked separately.

Each leg has been specially designed for literary fans to have an authentic and educational trip, experiencing the world much like Agatha Christie did 100 years ago, just with an added ‘contemporary flourish’.

To learn more about ‘The Grand Adventure’, go to blacktomato.co.uk

Cape Town, South Africa (Shutterstock)

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