New night train connecting Europe’s top cities to open this summer New night train connecting Europe’s top cities to open this summer

The sleeper service will link up some of Europe’s best-loved capitals, including Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague
11 January 2022

This summer, keen railway travellers will be able to board Europe’s newest, sustainable sleeper train connecting some of the continent’s most desirable cities.

European Sleeper will provide a night service on a route which links the capitals of Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague.

Those travelling from London can catch the Eurostar and change at Brussels to board the service.

The night trains will first be running for three days a week, with intentions to increase to a daily service, depending on demand.


The train will go via Antwerpen Station, Belgium (Shutterstock)

Passengers will leave Brussels at around 7.30pm, pass through destinations such as Rotterdam, Hannover and Dresden, and wake up in the fairy-tale city of Prague, arriving just past 10am.

Furthermore, passengers can use this service knowing they are travelling in the best way for the environment, as the trains produce 75 tonnes less of CO2-emissions than if taking the same journey by plane.

All those with a ticket can also expect free Wi-Fi, coffee and breakfast on-board.

This is just the start for European Sleeper. The Dutch-Belgium company intend to launch more night trains in the years ahead, including a service from Brussels directly to Warsaw in 2023.

More details, including the start dates, comfort levels and train fares are yet to be announced, with tickets expected to go on sale in Spring 2022. Stay up to date with the latest information by subscribing to to European Sleeper’s website.

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