Travel membership company Origin to launch worldwide Travel membership company Origin to launch worldwide

The trip planning app offers a unique, hassle-free and personalised service for those who sign up for a membership
19 January 2022

Imagine not having to lift a finger when it comes to planning and booking your perfect trip? With Origin, a new membership travel company, all the hard work is done for you.

The app-based service describes itself as a ‘personal travel assistant’. Once you sign up for a membership, a team of travel curators will ask for some basic information on your dream destination and how you like to travel, and they will do the rest.

Origin’s hassle-free service aims to deepen a traveller’s experience, by providing a personalised itinerary and saving the customer precious time. According to the company, it approximately takes someone 2-3 days to research and book a week-long trip, with limited support offered.

The company has now announced a huge $5 million of new funding, led by Project A, which will help catapult the travel company to a worldwide scale.

Origin provides a hassle-free trip planning service (Origin)

Origin’s founders have come from tech-related backgrounds. Eli Bessert once worked for the likes of Apple, Netflix and Stichfix and Tamar van de Paal formerly of Nextdoor and Google. As CEO, Eli brings his experience working with machine learning, AI technology and scalability.

Eli said: “We created Origin because modern travel has become extremely complicated and we believe that transformational travel allows people to live out their dreams,”

“Origin saves travellers time, they can plan their trip at their convenience, and ultimately have more enjoyable trips. The desire and demand to get out and explore the world has been building over the past few years, and we are here to meet that demand.” 

The membership, which costs $3,000 annually, includes unlimited trip planning and trip revisions, plus 24/7 support.

Origin also state they carbon offset all member’s trip, and prioritise the most local and sustainable destinations and accommodation.

To find out more, visit the official website origin.me

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