What to expect on the new USA Rocky Mountaineer rail route What to expect on the new USA Rocky Mountaineer rail route

The Rocky Mountaineer’s new rail journey passes through Utah and Colorado’s most enchanting landscapes. Here’s what you need to know
10 April 2022

Canada’s legendary Rocky Mountaineer is all set for its first six-month schedule on a brand-new route hitting the tracks in the USA.

The luxury train is most famed for its routes through Canada’s scenic provinces of Alberta and British Colombia, winding past lakes and soaring summits with glass-domed carriages and reclining seats to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

But its new journey now traverses through the enchanting landscapes of Utah and Colorado, passing remarkable canyons, natural archways and hoodoos.

Named ‘Rockies to the Red Rocks’, the two-day rail adventure goes between Denver and Moab (or vice versa) with an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs.

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An otherworldly landscape in Utah (Shutterstock)

As well as a fantastic way to take in the scenery, passengers will dine on regional cuisine and be accompanied by a host telling the story of the surroundings.

Although the train service first launched in August last year, 2022 is the first year of its full schedule from April until October.

Founder of Rocky Mountaineer Pete Armstrong said: “Rocky Mountaineer will bring a new luxury train tour to explore the historic rail route between Denver and Moab.

“Over the past 30 years, Rocky Mountaineer has become renowned for our world-class train travel experiences, and now we are opening our newest train experience in the region where train travel history began.

“This region, with its magnificent scenery, national parks, vast opportunities to explore, will delight millions.”

Head to the Rocky Mountaineer official website to find out more and see the 2022 packages.

Snow-topped mountains in Colorado (Shutterstock)

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