Stay in a floating cabin wrapped in 350 birdboxes Stay in a floating cabin wrapped in 350 birdboxes

Immerse yourself in a bird’s world in this treetop hideaway at Sweden’s Treehotel, as featured on Channel 4’s World’s Most Secret Hotels…
30 January 2023

A room suspended high within pine trees and covered in 350 birdboxes is the latest addition to Sweden’s spectacular Treehotel.

Located in the small village of Harads in Swedish Lapland – a 70-minutes drive from Luleå airport in the north – the Treehotel is made up of just eight mesmerising rooms.

The hotel recently featured on the first episode of Channel 4’s World’s Most Secret Hotels, a programme showcasing the most hidden and remote accomodation across the globe.

Each treetop cabin is individually designed with striking and innovative features. From a mirrored cube that becomes camouflaged in the forest, to a UFO, there is a suite to suit everyone. 

But the latest installation is truly a sight behold and offers a fantastic way to feel fully immersed in nature.

Be immersed in nature in Biosphere (Bjarke Ingles Group)
The room is surrounded by 350 bird houses (Bjarke Ingles Group)

Named Biosphere, the room was designed by Danish architect BIG (Bjarke Ingles Group) and has been carefully constructed to enhance the surrounding environment and local habitat. It also aligns with the hotels focus on sustainable tourism.

Enveloped in 350 birdboxes, the spherical room is suspended in the pines and aims to increase wildlife activity within the forest, as Sweden has seen a decline in their bird population in recent years.

“I got to spend a few days and nights in some of the Treehotel’s rooms right before the pandemic, and left with a sense of rejuvenation from a complete immersion in nature,” said BIG Founder & Creative Director, Bjarke Ingels.

“I couldn’t help wondering if there was a way to take the immersion one step further – and almost instantly the idea of inviting not only the human visitors but also the resident bird and bat population to cohabit a spherical swarm of nests came to life.”

Other rooms at the hotel have been designed by Scandinavia’s most renowned architects, including Snöhetta and Rintala Eggerstsson.

Biosphere opened in May 2022. To find out more and book your room, head to treehotel.se

The room hopes to increase the local bird population (Bjarke Ingles Group)

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