Afghanistan’s only female guide leads virtual tours of Herat in support of women’s education Afghanistan’s only female guide leads virtual tours of Herat in support of women’s education

The virtual tours of Afghanistan’s third-largest city will donate profits towards a secret school for girls…
08 March 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel in Afghanistan? 

Tour operator Untamed Borders has teamed up with an Afghan female guide to present exclusive virtual tours around the country’s third largest city, with profits going towards education for women.

Fatima Haidari is not only Afghanistan’s first female tour guide, but also the only women from the country working in such a position. She fled Afghanistan last year when the Taliban seized control of Kabul in August, and currently resides in Italy.

In the hour-long tour, she will be providing some insight into the current situation in Afghanistan, before guiding those who watch on a trip around her beloved hometown, Herat.

The virtual tour will include a visit to the Great Mosque, one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture. Plus vibrant bazaars, ancient landmarks and modern culture in the city. 

Fatima in Herat (Untamed Borders)

Virtual tour supports female education in Afghanistan

Since the Taliban offensive, UNICEF have estimated that 850,000 Afghan girls have been unable to attend secondary school.

In light of this, ticket profits from the virtual tour will be split between Fatima and an organisation who are educating girls in Afghanistan.

“I’ve always fought to be a changer, not a victim,” said Fatima.

Fatima in front of the Great Mosque of Herat (Untamed Borders)

“We can support refugee girls to go forward in achieving their dreams, getting an education, fighting for their stolen rights and overcoming the current gender discrimination and humiliation.

“We must stand by their side and hold their hands, no matter how far away we are and how small our contribution is.”

The money raised from ticket sales will go towards school essentials including books, stationary and wages for the teachers working to provide these young women with education.

Founder of Untamed Borders, James Willcox said: “For us at Untamed Borders, nothing beats being somewhere in person. But the chance for Fatima to be able to continue showing her hometown to our guests, even though she cannot be there in person, is important in its own right.

“We’ve taken guests to Herat since 2008 and it’s an incredible city, with Afghanistan’s most architecturally complete medieval city centre.”

The next Virtual Afghanistan tours with Fatima are taking place in April, May and June 2023.

To book, head to the Untamed Borders website or email info@untamedborders.com

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