Can you identify these UNESCO sites?

If you’ve been to plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, then this is the quiz for you. Can you name these sites, or guess which country they belong in?

What inspires you to travel? Is it unfamiliar cultures, fascinating histories or to simply enjoy the natural world? Whatever the case, it’s likely you’ve come across numerous cities, sites and protected areas that are classed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If you’re not 100% sure what UNESCO World Heritage Site means, here’s the answer. And if you need to brush up your knowledge, here’s where to study (or cheat). To test your current knowledge of the world’s UNESCO-listed wonders, simply scroll and play. Good luck…


1. Where would you find this UNESCO-listed, rock-hewn church?


2. Can you name this Irish UNESCO World Heritage Site?


3. UNESCO-listed ancient Troy is located in which country?


4. Where would you find the mosaic-covered UNESCO site Mausoleum of Galla Placidia?


5. Machu Picchu might be more famous, but can you name this equally important, UNESCO-listed Peruvian archaeological site?


6. Do you recognise this UNESCO-listed city?


7. This jaw-dropping cliff lives in a UNESCO-listed Latin American national park. Can you name the park?


8. These picturesque rice terraces have UNESCO World Heritage status. Which ones are they?


9. Can you recognise this UNESCO-listed city?


10. Recognise this ice cave? In which (recently inscribed) UNESCO-listed national park can you find it?


11. Gaudi built many UNESCO-listed buildings in Barcelona, Spain, but can you identify this one?


12. Can you recognise this UNESCO-listed city?


13. India has plenty of UNESCO sites. Can you name this one?


14. Where would you find the UNESCO-listed Mogao Caves, also known as the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas?


15. Do you recognise this Middle Eastern UNESCO-listed archaeological city?


16. Can you name this penguin-covered, UNESCO-listed island from Down Under?


17. This ancient Mayan citadel in Guatemela is, naturally, a World Heritage Site. What’s it called?