Can you identify these unusual wild cats?

Big cats, not-so-big cats, plus adorable wild felines you’ve never even heard of. Can you name them all and do you know where to find them? Let’s find out…

Cats of all shapes and sizes are often the highlight of our wildlife trips. There’s nothing like a big cat sighting – a lion or leopard on safari in Africa, for example.

Of course, there are plenty of wild cat species out there, well over 30. Some are rare, some stay well hidden and others are quite vulnerable. See many you can identify with this quiz. You might find a few handy hints here.


1. Can you identify this medium-sized wildcat, found in Africa, Central Asia and beyond?


2. Can you name this large, spotted wildcat, which doubles as the world’s fastest land animal?


3. Can you name this American feline?


4. Can you identify this petite wild cat, native to Borneo and Sumatra?


5. There are wild cats called ‘wildcats’ from two different parts of the world. Can you tell which region this one’s from?


6. Can you identify this distinctive spotted-and-striped African wild cat?


7. This petite wild cat, native to south and east Asia, shares a name with one of the well-known big cats. What is it?


8. Can you identify this striking grey wild cat, found in the steppes of Central Asia?


9. This slim, small, forest-dwelling wild cat is found in Central and South America. Can you remember its name?


10. Can you identify these medium-sized wild cats, that you’d find roaming through the Americas?


11. This vulnerable Central American cat is often called ‘the northern tiger cat’. Do you know its other name?


12. Can you identify this cat, the smallest in the Americas and found only in Chile?


14. Can you identify this large and fearsome cat, found everywhere from Canada to the Andes?


15. This cat is the world’s smallest, and so rare its only been spotted in Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. Can you name it?