How well do you really know Europe?

Do you know Europe’s countries, natural wonders and landmarks as well as you think you do? Reckon your European general knowledge is up to scratch? Find out with our tricky, yet still fun, quiz…

Most Wanderlust readers have spent some time in Europe. Many of us live here, or simply can’t wait to go back once the travel bans have been lifted. But how well do you really know the continent as a whole?

You may know Spain like the back of your hand, spent countless summer weekends soaking up the sun on off-the-beaten-track beach breaks, or enjoy skiing in the Alps each winter, but do you know about Europe’s geography, royalty, landmarks and statistics?

Put your knowledge to the test, and see how much you’ve left to learn. It’s not an easy test, so good luck!


1. Is the country of Georgia in Europe?


2. Which of these countries is Europe’s smallest (by area)?


3. Where in Europe would you find this iconic Mosque-Cathedral?


4. Europe has 3 ‘Low Countries’, because much of their land is below sea level. Name those countries…


5. Which European country does this flag belong to?


6. Austria is landlocked. Which countries border it?


7. Several countries teeter on the (disputed) Europe-Asia boundary. Which of the following ‘stans DOES teeter on that boundary?


8. In which European country would you find the capital city of Bratislava?


9. In which European country would you find the fishing village of Reine?


10. Which European island is home to Europe’s highest volcano, Mount Etna?


11. Which European countries does the River Elbe flow through?


12. Peneda-Gerês National Park is located in which European country?


13. Where would you find the Stari Most bridge?


14. Can you name the country this flag belongs to?


15. Which of these European countries does NOT currently have a monarchy?


16. Which of these islands ISN’T part of Europe?