How well do you know Europe’s museums?

Know where to find famous paintings? Have a flair for museum architecture or history? Take our latest quiz to see how well you know Europe’s best and most bizarre cultural hubs…

Guggenheim, Picasso, and Museum of Miniature Art: Alamy Stock Photo

All other photos: Shutterstock


1. In which Dutch museum will you find Vermeer’s famous ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’?


2. Picasso’s ‘Guernica’, among many other of his original paintings, are housed in the Reina Sofia. Where is this?


3. Those with an interest in medical history can visit the Surgeons’ Hall Museum in which city?


4. In which city will you find the Serralves Museum, home to a large collection of contemporary art?


5. Which musical museum has an exhibition titled ‘Breaking Up is Never Easy’?


6. Which of the following museums will you NOT find in Athens?


7. Do you know in which Italian city you will find Michelangelo’s ‘David’?


8. Near which European city will you find the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art?


9. In which museum in Prague do you require a magnifying glass to see the intricate work on display?


10. The Guggenheim in Bilbao is one of the world’s most recognisable museums. But when was it built?


11. The Swiss are regarded highly for their efficient transport. But in which city will you find their Museum of Transport?


12. A surprising European city is home to one of the world’s most important Egyptian archaeological collections. Where is it?


13. This museum (pictured) opened in Oslo in 2021 to house the largest collection of art by who? Clue: 😱


14. Which museum in London was called South Kensington Museum, before it was renamed in 1899?