How well do you know the Florida Keys and Key West?

Test your knowledge on these sub-tropical islands at the southern tip of Florida, from impressive bridges and iconic underwater attractions to wonderful wildlife and sustainable seafood…


1. What is the name of the iconic road trip route through the Florida Keys & Key West?


2. Which Key West attraction is home to a large number of Polydactyl cats?


3. In which Keys district will you find Robbie’s Marina? Here you can feed the tarpon better known as ‘Silver Kings’.


4. The Turtle Hospital in Marathon has successfully treated and released 2,000+ sea turtles. When did it open?


5. Key Deer are a unique species found only in a small area of the Lower Keys. They are the size of a Labrador.


6. The Florida Keys encourages low-impact travel through its ‘Connect & Protect’ sustainability initiative. Which of these isn’t low-impact?


7. Two national parks are found in the Florida Keys. Which ones are they?


8. President Truman spent how many days of his Presidency in Key West?


9. Since 2007, The Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo has restored how many square meters of Florida’s Coral Reef?


10. There are over 1,700 islands in the Florida Keys archipelago. What is the name of the most famous bridge connecting Marathon and the Lower Keys?


11. You can find the third largest barrier reef in the world in the Florida Keys.


12. Key West’s Southernmost Point is located how many miles from Cuba? Here you are closer to the island nation than to the US mainland.


13. What is the name of Key West’s biggest annual party that takes place for 10 days each October?


14. Key Largo is famous for its world-class diving. Which iconic underwater attraction can you see beneath the water at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park?


15. Key lime pie is the Florida Keys’ most famous culinary dish but there’s another local delicacy – Stone Crab – that is very popular too. What makes Stone Crabs a renewable and sustainable food resource?