How well do you know the world’s ghost towns?

From creepy islands to deserted mining communities, how many of these abandoned villages and towns around the globe can you identify?


1. Can you identify this famous ghost town? (Clue: It was evacuated in less than 36 hours in 1986)


2. Abandoned Hashima Island is best known for featuring as the villain’s base in the Bond film Skyfall. What country does it belong to?


3. Bodie was once a popular gold-mining town. Now, it’s one of the most well preserved ghost towns with 200 ramshakle buildings to visit, including saloons, a Methodist church and post office. What US state is it in?


4. What is the reason residents suddenly deserted the Argentine village of Villa Epecuén in the mid-1980s?


5. Can you identify this eerie ghost town in Italy? (Clue: Landslides forced residents to move out in the 1960s)


6. This island isn’t really abandoned. It’s home to thousands of toy dolls (yes, creepy) just 17 miles south of Mexico City. What is it called?


7. This near-ghost town in Philadelphia has around 13 residents remaining after a fire spread through its underground coal mines in 1962 (which still burns today) causing sinkholes and releasing toxic fumes. What’s it called?


8. In 1944, German soldiers invaded this French village and massacred its residents. The ruins still remain as a WWII memorial. What is its name?


9. Approximately how many lost settlements are in the UK?


10. Closed in 1966, Grytviken in South Georgia was originally established as what?


11. On the Old Ghost Trail in New Zealand you’ll pass fragments of deserted town settlements. How long is the trail?


12. In what US ghost town will you hear stories of paranormal activity and Pegues’ ghost?


13. These abandoned futuro structures are now known as the UFO Houses of Sanjhih. Which country will you find them?


14. Which of these is NOT a ghost town in the USA?


15. Kolmanskop is an abondoned diamond-mining town in Namibia which is now swamped by sand dunes. What creepy coastline is it located?


16. This ghost village in North Yorkshire is one of the largest and best preserved in England, thought to be abandoned in the 1500s. What is it called?