How much do you know about how Halloween is celebrated around the world?

The pumpkins are carved and the trick-or-treaters are ready – but how much do you know about Halloween’s origins, or how this spooky festival is celebrated around the globe?


1. In which country did Halloween start as a Celtic festival called Samhain, marking the transition of summer into winter and the battle between seasonal demons?


2. In which city is Samhain still celebrated with the Samhain Fire Festival?


3. Which country celebrates the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts where paper money is lit and incense is burnt to appease the spirits of ancestors and deities?


4. The town of Salem holds a month-long Festival of the Dead to mark the witch trials that were held there in the late 1600s. There are several Salems in the USA, but in which state is this one in?


5. Which city in Northern Ireland is home to Europe’s biggest Halloween parade?


6. One of the creepiest places to spend Halloween has to be on La Isla de la Muñecas, a small island south of Mexico City. But what hangs from almost every tree, making you feel as though you’re always being watched?


7. On what day do Mexicans celebrate Día de los Muertos – commonly called Day of the Dead in the English-speaking world – to pay tribute to, remember and also welcome the spirits of the dead?


8. In Galicia, Spain, 31 October is known as Noite dos Calacús. It means Night of the what?


9. During the Obon festival it is believed that spirits return to visit their relatives. Paper lanterns are hung to guide the spirits home and Obon dances are performed. In which country is this festival held?


10. If you are celebrating Halloween in Germany, what household object do you need to hide to prevent ghosts harming themselves?


11. During the Commemoration of All the Departed in the Czech Republic, what would you place in every room you hope a ghost will visit?


12. In Italy what cake would you bake to be left out for spirits to feast upon?


13. Over 500 people have reportedly wandered into Aokigahara, known in English as Suicide Forest, never to be seen again. Which mountain is the forest near?


14. Here’s an easy one. In which modern-day country would you find Dracula’s Castle or at least Vlad the Impaler’s?


15. Talking of Dracula, which British seaside town, and in particular its ruined Gothic abbey, was the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula?