Where in the world are these incredible canyons?

Hikers, kayakers and horse riders will be in their element in the world’s most impressive gorges. How many can you identify?


1. In which country will you find the ‘Grand Canyon of Arabia’?


2. This canyon is named after a precious metal. Where is it?


3. The walls of this canyon are 400m high – that’s taller than the 102nd floor observatory in New York’s Empire State Building. Where is it?


4. A 1.6km boardwalk snakes its way through this lush gorge. Where is it?


5. This canyon is home to red rock formations known as the Valley of Castles. Where is it?


6. This beautiful gorge is part of a National Park which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Where is it?


7. Where would you find this canyon, which is also known as the marble gorge?


8. In which country might you see wild horses in this canyon?


9. This lush gorge is known for its caves, goats and locally produced cheese. Where is it?


10. This national park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is known for its four canyons, white water river and cave network. Where is it?


11. This is the deepest canyon in this South American country, and twice as deep as the USA’s Grand Canyon. Where is it?


12. Part of this 70km canyon is a UNESCO biosphere reserve prized for wildlife including the Syrian wolf and caracal mountain cat. Where is it?


13. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the indigenous Naxi people. Where is it?


14. Surrounded by mature podocarp forest native to the southern hemisphere, this canyon is renowned for its vibrant turquoise waters. Where is it?


15. You can loop the edge of this limestone canyon by bike or explore it by kayak. Where is it?


16. This canyon now goes by another name which means ‘place of the rising sun’ in a few indigenous languages. Where is it?


17. This striking, stripy valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Where is it?


18. In which USA state is this Grand Canyon in? Clue: it’s not in Arizona!


19. Known for its microclimate as much as its beauty, this 1km deep limestone gorge passes through a national park. Where is it?


20. The sisal plant grows wild in this gorge, which is how it got its name. Where is it?


21. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this gorge is named after a dome made from rock which resembles a cathedral’s ceiling. Where is it?