How well do you know travel in lands of fire and ice?

From fire festivals to iceberg capitals, let’s see how hot (or cold) your knowledge is on the world’s most elemental places…

All images: Shutterstock


1. Every winter Since 1989, a hotel constructed of ice has been built from scratch in the village of Jukkasjärvi. Which country will you find it?


2. The hottest temperature on Earth was recorded in 1913 at Furnace Creek in which Californian national park?


3. The Greenland Ice sheet is a mass body of ice that roughly covers what percentage of the surface of Greenland?


4. On the Arctic coast of which country would you expect to find the Smoking Hills, which have been continuously smouldering for centuries?


5. Fedchenko Glacier is the longest glacier in the world outside the polar regions. Where is it?


6. Which country styles itself as the ‘Land of Fire’, thanks to its history of Zoroastrian fire worship and the natural gas fires of the Yanar Dag peninsula?


7. Where will you find the UNESCO-listed ice cap of Vatnajökull?


8. Where would you find the real ‘Land of Fire’ – an archipelago at the southern tip of a continent?


9. Which of these lakes does NOT turn into a natural ice skating rink when its water freezes over?


10. The Eternal Flame is an ever-burning memorial to the victims of the Second World War in which Balkan capital?


11. Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is home to a 6km-wide glacier with which colour in its name?


12. Japan is famed for its fire festivals, but which of the following is not in Japan?


13. In which US state will you find Mendenhall Glacier?


14. Which of the following places in Asia does not have its own snow and/or ice festival?


15. Which town is known as the ‘Iceberg capital of the world’?


16. The Darvaza gas crater fire is a popular attraction that has been burning since 1971 in which Central Asian country?


17. Which Canadian province is popular for iceberg viewing from spring to early summer?


18. The Montañas del Fuego (Mountains of Fire) lie within Timanfaya National Park and are known for locals cooking their food using its geothermal energy. You can find them on which Spanish island?


19. In which country can you drive the Icefields Parkway?


20. In parts of southern Greece and Bulgaria, a festival geared around the saints days of Constantine and Helen traditionally ends in a performance of the Anastenaria. What is this?