Quiz: How well do you know Europe’s national parks?

From Spain’s highest mountain to Iceland’s largest icecap, let’s find out how much you know about the wild, untouched and protected lands across Europe…

All images: Shutterstock


1. Which of the following was the first national park in Spain?


2. Which country is home to the oldest national park in Europe?


3. Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is home to the UK’s only free-ranging population of which animal?


4. Iceland’s Vatnajokull National Park is Europe’s second-largest national park. It is home to an ice cap that covers what percentage of the country?


5. Teide National Park is the site of the highest mountain (3,718m) in Spain. On which island can you find it?


6. In 2023, Vjosa River National Park became the first wild river national park in Europe. In which country will you find it?


7. Alfred Wainwright’s famous UK Coast to Coast walk (306km) goes from Robin Hood Bay in North Yorkshire to St Bees in Cumbria. How many national parks does it cross en route?


8. France’s largest national park lies in which overseas department?


9. Which country has the higher number of national parks:?


10. Białowieża Forest National Park, home to the world’s largest herd of European Bison, spans which two countries?


11. In which European country will you find Plitvice Lakes National Park, famous for its waterfalls?


12. Can you name this German national park pictured?