How well do you know UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage?

The UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list celebrates and protects the living cultural heritage in communities across the world. From social practices to festive events, how well will you do?

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1. In 2010, the ‘gastronomic meal’ of which country was inscribed by UNESCO?


2. Flamenco, tango and budima are all dances recognised by UNESCO. Can you name the countries associated with each?


3. The Binche Carnival, famed for its parading gilles, was inscribed in 2008. In which country does it take place?


4. The style of crafting known as batik was inscribed by UNESCO in relation to which country?


5. The traditional practice of timber rafting has been inscribed by UNESCO in six European countries. Which of these countries is NOT one of them?


6. The Turkish festival of Kırkpınar was inscribed by UNESCO in 2010. What headline sport does it involve?


7. North Korea is recognised by UNESCO for the gastronomic tradition of preparing which dish?


8. The tug of war is inscribed across four countries in East and South-East Asia. Can you name them all?


9. The ancient art of making wine in a qvevri pot was inscribed by UNESCO in 2013 with regards to which country?


10. The practice of making licitar (decorative gingerbread) was inscribed in 2010 and is a common practice in which nation?


11. The Omani art of fijiri was inscribed in 2021. What is it?


12. The Festivity of Las Parrandas was inscribed in 2018. Where is the celebration?