How well do you know spring festivals?

Spring sees the return of some of the year’s most incredible festivals and traditions. Can you banish the Böögg by completing our quiz?

All images: Alamy; Shutterstock


1. In Thailand, the water-soaked festival of Songkran is held across which national holiday in April?


2. Held in the town of Zenica in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Čimburijada festival includes a communal meal of which food?


3. On 12 May 2024, the Belgian city of Ypres hosts a triennial festival honouring what animal?


4. April’s Kanamara Matsuri (or Festival of the Steel Phallus) takes place at a shrine in which Japanese city?


5. Around 6 million tulips bloom in the run-up to May’s Tulip Time Festival in the city of Holland. In which US state can you find it?


6. Which Swiss city hosts the burning of the Böögg – a straw effigy of a snowman-like creature that is packed with dynamite – in April?


7. The Da Jiu festival on the Hong Kong island of Cheung Chau includes a competition where entrants climb a metal tower covered in which food item?


8. The citizens of the Guatemalan city Antigua honour Semana Santa by crafting carpets mostly made from flowers, fruit and what other material?


9. Cinco de Mayo (5 May) celebrates the 1862 victory by Mexico over France in a battle that took place in which Mexican city?


10. Walpurgis Night (30 April) was said to be when witches gathered atop Brocken – the highest peak in which German range?


11. Which traditional Scottish festival features a bonfire on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill on the night of 30 April?


12. What fills the air above AlUla, Saudi Arabia, during April’s Skies Festival?