How well do you know TV show filming locations?

You may love binging your favourite Netflix series, but how closely have you been paying attention to the backdrop? Screen travellers, this one’s for you…


1. On which Mediterranean island was series two of HBO series White Lotus filmed?


2. BBC hit series The Tourist was filmed in the Australian Outback. Which famous actor played the lead character?


3. The final series of Succession saw the Roy family make their way to the Nordics, where they drove along the scenic Atlantic Ocean Road. Which country is this in?


4. You might know Highclere Castle is the real life Downtown Abbey, but in which county will you find the large country home?


5. In which US city is intense foodie drama The Bear set and filmed?


6. In Bridgerton, Lady Danbury’s home is actually the Grade I listed Holbourne Museum. Which UK city will you find it?


7. Although set in Indiana, much of TV series Stranger Things is actually filmed in which US state?


8. On which archipelago was the series Lost mainly filmed?


9. The real life Dutton Ranch in cowboy drama Yellowstone can be found in which state?


10. This iconic glacier in Iceland represented Beyond the Wall in Game of Thrones series two. What is it’s name?


11. Lancaster House in St James’s stands in for Buckingham Palace in which Netflix royal drama?


12. Although set in the post-apocalyptic United States, much of The Last of Us is filmed in which Canadian province?


13. Villanelle wears her bubblegum-pink dress in one of Killing Eve’s most iconic scenes, filmed in which European square?


14. Which of these TV series was NOT filmed in Scotland and its islands?