Is this travel trivia true or false?

17 questions. 17 chances to get it right. Do you know your travel trivia, or are you just guessing? Time to find out with our fun, challenging quiz…

This quiz couldn’t be simpler. There are 17 statements about the world of travel here. Some are true, some are false. All you need to do is decide which you think are correct, and which aren’t. Good luck…

(P.S. When you’ve played the quiz, you can find out all the extra information for each question’s answer right here. You’ll find the link at the bottom, too. No cheating, please!)


1. Skopje is the capital of Albania. True or false?


2. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are a British Overseas Territory. True or false?


3. Polar bears live in the Arctic, not the Antarctic. True or false?


4. The city of Hull in England was once a UK City of Culture. True or false?


5. Peru shares a border with Venezuela. True or false?


6. California is the largest of the 50 United States by sq km. True or false?


7. Panama has two stars on its national flag. True or false?


8. Madagascar is an island (not a peninsula). True or false?


9. Ethiopia shares a border with Tanzania. True or false?


10. You can still see lions in Namibia. True or false?


11. Petra, the ancient city of Jordan, was built in the second century AD. True or false?


12. The Mekong River runs through Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (Burma). True or false?


13. Japan has 13,000 islands total. True or false?


14. Komodo dragons only live on Komodo Island in Indonesia. True or false?


15. There are eight countries with names ending in the suffix ‘-stan’. True or false?


16. Kyrgyzstan won Top Emerging Destination in Wanderlust’s 2020 Reader Travel Awards. True or false?


17. There is an island called ‘Christmas Island’ which is technically part of New Zealand. True or false?