How well do you really know the UK?

If your United Kingdom general knowledge is flawless, and you’ve roved England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland more times than you can count, test yourself with our tricky travel trivia quiz…

From unfathomable traditions to bawdy place names, it’s not just the weather that gets people talking in the UK.

Travel anywhere here and you will travel back in time. With manicured parkland – complete with whimsical follies – mystical henges, architectural and geological wonders, cosy inns and medieval fortresses, this collection of islands is awe-inspiring even on a grey day.

But how much do you actually know about the UK? Take our tricky quiz to find out.


1. Scotland has more than 790 offshore islands. Which one can’t you visit (because it doesn’t actually exist)?


2. The UK is home to the world’s longest pleasure pier (1.34 miles long). Where is it?


3. Which of these is the UK’s largest national park?


4. Which author’s most famous work was inspired by the incredible Jurassic coastline, from Devon to Dorset?


5. The UK is famed for its charmingly odd place names. Which of the following is not a real town or village?


6. Which 700-year-old ancient tradition takes place at the Tower of London every night at 9.30pm?


7. What makes Tyneham village in Dorset so unusual?


8. Can you identify this brightly-coloured village?


9. Alnwick Castle in Northumberland has been featured in a number of films and TV shows. Which of the following was not shot there?


10. Which UK city claims to have invented the Chicken Tikka Masala?


11. How many miles would you need to cycle to cover the length of the mainland from Land’s End, Cornwall to John O’Groats, Scotland?


12. Wales is home to the UK’s longest place name. How many characters does it have?


13. There are lots of British islands, but some aren’t part of the UK. Which of these isn’t in the United Kingdom?


14. Remembering the capital of Northern Ireland is easy. Right?


15. The UK features whimsical buildings called follies. The most famous is the House in the Clouds. Which county is it in?


16. You can channel your inner Harry Potter in Scotland by jumping on the famous Jacobite train to cross which viaduct?


17. The UK has many weird traditions. Which of the below isn’t one of them (yet)?


18. Can you identify this UK landmark?


19. Stonehenge is the most famous, but there are more than 1,000 stone circles in the UK. Can you name this circle of 38 volcanic stones?


20. What makes the village of Flash in the Peak District so interesting, besides its name?


21. Northern Ireland is home to many breathtaking mountains. Which is the tallest, at 850m?


22. The Queen has many royal residences across the UK, but where will you find Balmoral Castle?